CCO Radio Presents….Brian and Shaun Talk Baseball

Installment 7 – Brian and Shaun Talk Baseball…. The CCO Radio returns for the latest edition of CCO Radio on an off day. Brian and Shaun discuss a variety of Cubs topics during Sunday’s game against the Phillies from the struggles of Ted Lilly and Rich Hill to the rest of Piniella’s pitching staff to the competition in center to the week that was in the NL Central. The frustration from watching the weekend series can be heard as the two debates why Piniella made changes to the lineup in the middle of a winning streak. And there is even an unpaid plug for a certain fast food chain….

“Brian and Shaun Talk Baseball – Installment 7”

Length – 44:57
Download – Brian and Shaun Talk Baseball – Installment 7

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Also, in keeping with the weekly theme on the podcast…. Who is the Cubs’ MVP after the first twelve games of the season? Is it Derrek Lee? Kosuke Fukudome? Ryan Dempster? Kerry Wood? Reed Johnson?

Finally….with Dusty Baker returning to the North Side for the first time as the Reds manager on Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune was the first to mention his return….be ready for more from the mainstream media.

Enjoy the podcast and as always….remember to bring your sense of humor as well as your knowledge of Pop Culture from the ’80s and ’90s.

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