Still Wheelin’ and Dealin’?

A report from on Monday indicated the talks between the Cubs and the Orioles have heated up concerning, well….whom else but Brian Roberts. Jon Heyman’s report mentioned the talks “were starting to get serious.” Heyman reported one of the trade proposals could include Jay Payton and a deal was in place “a few weeks back but Orioles owner Peter Angelos didn’t approve it immediately.

The speculation continued throughout Monday with various rumors from different sources in the mainstream media. Here is the latest on one of the longest rumored deals in recent memory….

Dave Kaplan talked about all of the Roberts’ rumors on Monday night. He said he was told that the Cubs have asked the Orioles about George Sherrill and the names he keeps hearing that could be used in a possible deal are:

  • Sean Gallagher
  • Felix Pie
  • Eric Patterson
  • Jose Ceda
  • Sean Marshall
  • Matt Murton
  • Ronny Cedeno

Note Kaplan did not specifically say, but it was implied that it would be a package of the players listed above, not all 7 players.

Kaplan had Jeff Zrebiec on from the Baltimore Sun close to the 8 o’clock break. Zrebiec said he feels the deal will get done for Roberts within the next week to 10 days and added it is an exaggeration that the talks have heated up in the last 48 hours. He said both sides have continued to talk over the last 3-4 weeks.

Kaplan asked Zrebiec about George Sherrill being a part of the deal and Zrebiec shot down that rumor rather quickly. He said the Orioles intend for Sherrill to be their closer this year and would not have traded for him otherwise.

Zrebiec added if Jason Marquis is included in the deal then the Orioles would include Jay Payton as kind of a “salary eating exchange“, despite the fact Marquis is owed more on his contract that Payton is.

Kaplan asked Zrebiec about Felix Pie being included in the deal after they acquired Adam Jones in the Erik Bedard deal. He said the Orioles could play Pie in left and they are looking to stockpile as many young players as possible.

The Orioles love Sean Gallagher according to Zrebiec and see him as being a 3rd starter down the road. Zrebiec reiterated the only two names he knows for sure is Gallagher and Ronny Cedeno but that the deal could include Eric Patterson because the Orioles do not have any Major League ready talent for the two vacancies they have up the middle….if they do in fact trade Roberts. Zrebiec also stated the Orioles wants Jose Ceda included in the deal and not Matt Murton. They view Murton as a platoon player and the Orioles do not feel he will be a productive player in that role.

Kaplan finished the rumors discussion by saying he is hearing the Cubs wants to get both the Brian Roberts deal and the Coco Crisp deals done.

Now back to the regularly scheduled Spring Training games….

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne