DeRosa Left Practice with Irregular Heartbeat

According to several reports out of Mesa, Mark DeRosa left Fitch Park on Saturday in an ambulance with an irregular heartbeat. A report in the Chicago Tribune indicated it was for precautionary reasons only and Lou Piniella said DeRosa is “fine“. Paramedics hooked up DeRosa to an EKG machine; he was placed on a stretcher and left in an ambulance. The Tribune reported DeRosa “has experience irregular heartbeats in the past, was alert and sitting upright when he left.

DeRosa was apparently taking infield practice when the problem started and Ryan Theriot told the Tribune. “It’s something he’s been dealing with since he was a little bitty dude.
Cubs’ trainer, Mark O’Neal accompanied DeRosa to the hospital

From all reports DeRosa appears to be, as Piniella put it “fine“. Will update if more information becomes available.

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