The Latest….from Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts reported to Orioles camp in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday and fielded questions about his inclusion in the Mitchell Report and the rumors surrounding his possible exit from Baltimore. Roberts apologized again for using steroids back in 2003 but majority of his meeting with the media focused on the trade talk that have made headlines for the last three months.

Internet rumors surfaced early on Wednesday that Brian Roberts had asked the Orioles front office for a trade. Roberts denied those rummors and commented on his future in Baltimore.

From a report in the Baltimore Sun:

“I would never call this organization and say I want to be traded. I need to be traded.” Roberts added: “I signed a contract. I signed a deal. I understand when I make a commitment, that’s what I am here for. But as I said earlier, you want to win. For this organization, if it is better to send me to another place and get a couple of pieces for down the road, I understand that too.”

The Baltimore Sun described Roberts as being “low-key, sarcastic and even defensive at times.” While Roberts did not say he wanted to be traded, according to the Baltimore Sun, “he also made it clear he doesn’t want to be part of a rebuilding process.Andy MacPhail has been trying to keep Roberts “apprised” of possible trades and MacPhail added the Cubs are not the only team that have expressed interest in Roberts.

Roberts referred to the Cubs as a “great organization” and added “Chicago would be a fun place to play.

The Baltimore Sun described the talks between the Cubs and Orioles as “at a standstill and probably won’t be resolved one way or another for a couple of weeks.” Baltimore will apparently scout the players they are interested in once Spring Training games start next Thursday.

Peter Schmuck’s report in the Baltimore Sun talked about how much different Tuesday would have been for Roberts if he had been traded to the Cubs. Roberts lives close to Fitch Park, could have slept in his own bed and driven to the park.

“It would be hard to leave here. But an opportunity to win in the right situation, I don’t think anybody would necessarily argue against it.”

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