Rambling While Praying for DeRo

In the past few weeks, I have bestowed my greatest gift on the CCO, my voice. Nope, no ego problems here.

Anyway, while podcasting has added a fun element to the CCO, writing is at the core of disseminating news and thoughts, and it is about time I get back to doing it. With that being said, I decided to put the pen to paper, or more aptly said, fingers to a keyboard, and share my rambling stream of consciousness with the beloved readers of this great site.

So without further ado, here goes nothing….

  • If Dome is truly good enough to bat third in this lineup, Cubs fans will forever remember the ‘Summer of ’08.’
  • Unfortunately, it may just be the way we remember the ‘Summer of ’69.’
  • “I’m in love …. yes …. I’m a believer …. we’ve got Jon Lieber.”
  • Whoa, sorry, I thought it was 2000 again. Eight years later, I will be happy with 180 innings and 8-10 victories.
  • Is Rich Hill ever going to grow up? I mean, seriously, dude, what’s up? He has the physical stature and talent to be a top line starter, but the brain seems to be missing. Maybe if he spent more time maturing and less time watching Napoleon Dynamite I might not have to say this right now. Anyone have a mirror in which I can look?
  • I know there are 10 full months until Christmas, but on Woody, on Marmol, on Eyre and Howry, on Weurtzie and Hart….now who is going to play the role of Rudolph?
  • I know one starter turned reliever turned starter who has red hair, and may just have a red nose after it is all said and done….
  • I now apologize for that analogy
  • Break out year by The Riot anyone? I’m not saying, I’m just saying.
  • Okay, here you go …. Cockfighting is LEGAL in the Dominican Republic. Okay, it is legal. If you think it is wrong, that is your prerogative, but it is legal where it was taking place
  • Cubs MVP …. Derrek Lee
  • Carlos is winning 20 games this year….you heard it from Carlos first, Carlos is winning 20 games.
  • Is the Carlos talking in the third person thing getting old yet? Can it really get old?
  • By the way, Jimmy is sweet on Elaine.
  • And Brian is sweet on …. well, Miller Lite. Yes folks, rather exciting times.
  • They re-signed Rex Grossman, what the $&*#$*&*(*(#&@!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sorry, had to get it off my chest.
  • Sam Fuld, Felix Pie …. Felix Pie, Sam Fuld …. I can just see Sweet Lou playing “eenie meenie, miney moe” with bobble heads on that one.
  • Yes, this is the Webster’s dictionary spelling of that game of choice.
  • Can Ted Lilly repeat his ’07 performance? I do not have a good feeling about this one.
  • Rothschild says Kerry Wood looks as good as ever. His release point is back to ’03 form and the confidence is there.
  • Kerry, please just stay in the bullpen, please.
  • Paging Matt Murton. Will Matt Murton please report to relevance office? Thank you.
  • Tiger Woods is good.
  • With a good year, Geovany Soto could have one of the more famous quaffs in Chicago. Man, that hair sure is pretty.
  • Fonz, here is a plan …. go earn your $18 million this year. Why don’t you hit 40 homers, knock in 95 runs and steal 35 bases. Sound good? I am glad we had this talk.

In all seriousness, my thoughts and prayers go out to Mark DeRosa and his entire family. His health is more important than baseball.

That is enough for now. I hope everyone enjoyed my ridiculous stream of consciousness. And I hope the podcasts are enjoyable as well. Please feel free to email about anything, including any topics you want Shaun and me to discuss during our next podcast.

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Spring Training is heating up, we are oh so close.

Thanks kids and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!!

Quote of the Day

"You can’t sit on a lead and kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game." - Earl Weaver