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First and foremost, thank you CCO readers for your continued patronage and commitment. Our website is growing and in order to keep up with the demands, we are adding a new element….PODCASTS. This will give you the chance to not only read the thoughts of our writers, but also to hear them, when you choose. We are very excited about this development and look forward to hearing your thoughts. We hope you find these entertaining and enjoyable.

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“Now You Can Listen to the CCO” – CCO Cubs Podcast

Click Here to Download the first CCO Podcast. After downloading you should be able to import this mp3 file into iTunes and load onto your iPod or iPhone.

From the Rumor Mill

Just a couple of quick notes from the rumor mill courtesy of Bruce Levine…. Jim Hendry is still looking for a right-handed option for the outfield. Levine said the Cubs would need this for about 40 games in center and be able to fill in for Kosuke Fukudome from time to time. Texas has not said “no” but has not said “yes” either on Marlon Byrd.

Levine said Jay Payton could be an option, either in an expanded deal for Brian Roberts or in a separate deal. On the Roberts front, Levine said Hendry is still very interested and could be done in the next week or so. As far as Andy MacPhail’s self-imposed deadline, Levine thinks the “real deadline” is more like February 15th….that is when the Orioles reports to Spring Training.

Levine talked about Coco Crisp and the possibility of the Cubs trying to trade for him. He said Crisp is owed about $8 million dollars over the next two seasons. Levine indicated the Cubs could not afford to pay that amount for a part-time player, especially one that does not view himself as a part-time player. Crisp still wants to play everyday and probably would not accept the role of a bench player. The Cubs need a player that can contribute and also know his place on the team.

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Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon