The Last Sunday in February

Updated 12:01pm C.T. – With Information on Mark DeRosa

News from Day 10 of Camp Lou surrounded Mark DeRosa’s early exit from practice in an ambulance. DeRosa was taken to the hospital with an irregular heartbeat. Several reports early in the afternoon indicated DeRosa was alert and never lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons only. According to a report from the AP on FoxSports, DeRosa was released from the hospital on Saturday evening. Piniella said he does not “expect this to be serious” and does “expect it to be too long.

Here is the rest from Mesa, including Lou Piniella on Talkin’ Baseball….

Lou Piniella on Talkin’ Baseball

Sweet Lou joined Bruce Levine and Chet Coppock Saturday morning on ESPN 1000. The interview was very similar to the one Lou Piniella gave Mike North on Friday morning….with a few additions.

Piniella reiterated that if Alfonso Soriano is unable to run then they will adjust the lineup accordingly. He said the team is going to work hard at stealing third base this year and added this is not a typical power team. Piniella likes the idea of Alfonso Soriano, Ryan Theriot and Kosuke Fukudome supplying speed at the top of the lineup with Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez and Mark DeRosa in the middle of the order. Geovany Soto will be an important key for the Cubs this season according to Piniella. Then either Felix Pie or Sam Fuld will hit 8th. Piniella added that they will make adjustments during the spring but not once the regular season starts….and he revealed once again he has been toying with a lot of different lineups in his head.

Chet Coppock brought up the centerfield competition between Sam Fuld and Felix Pie. Piniella said he thinks it is good to let a player know where he stands. He then said, “What I should do is tell Pie its his job, go out and play but that would not be fair to Sam Fuld.” Piniella indicated someone will know by mid spring who has the job so they can relax.

Piniella expects to win the division again this year.

Piniella said he is more comfortable with a year in Chicago under his belt. He thought “Chicago was a nice quiet Midwestern town” and was surprised by all of the media attention and scrutiny. Piniella was talking to Soriano about the same subject. Piniella indicated Soriano felt the same way and is more comfortable than a year ago. Lou finished the interview by saying this is a good way to end a career….start in New York and finish in Chicago.

From Bruce Levine

  • Kerry Wood is curious to see if is arm will hold up to a full season.
  • When asked if the Cubs are still interested in Brian Roberts…. Levine indicated the Cubs have been ready to make the deal for the last 9 weeks. He said they were asked to wait until the Orioles dealt Miguel Tejada and Erik Bedard.
  • Scouts from the Orioles are in Mesa looking at players.

Jason Marquis

Rick Hummel of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch pointed out the merits of Jason Marquis.

  • Only 13 pitchers in the NL have won at least 10 games in the last 4 seasons.
  • Marquis is 43-28 with a 4.22 ERA in the first half but only 25-33 with a 4.97 ERA in the second half
  • In 7 years in the big leagues, six of those years Marquis’ teams have made it to the post season

Marquis wants to remain a Chicago Cub and sees himself in the starting rotation.

From the Baseball Blogosphere

Big League Chatter has a four part series about the future of the Cubs. Part one ran on Saturday.

A new site dedicated to Kosuke Fukudome ,, is half in English and half in Japanese….very cool.

Video from Tim Sheridan at Boys of

Finally…. Baseball Prospectus released the PECOTA cards for the upcoming season, check back for more on this as the CCO gears up for the first game of the Cactus League schedule. Also, the first edition of Talkin’ Cubs Live for the 2008 season is 4 days away.

Update – According to a report on, Mark DeRosa was kept overnight at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa and is expected to be released on Sunday. Test took longer on Saturday than expected and was kept overnight for observation. The Associated Press reported on Saturday night that DeRosa had been released from the hospital….that report was apparently inaccurate.

DeRosa “will be examined by a cardiologist on Monday” before he is cleared to resume practice.

“His heart condition was not expected to keep him from playing but the second baseman won’t return to workouts until the Cubs medical staff decides what treatment he needs.”

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