Ramblings Convention Weekend

Life can change; direction can change; responsibilities can change, and when those things happen, certain things get lost. My changes have taken me away from two of my favorite things over the past month, the Cubs and writing about them. However, there is nothing like a fan convention to snap one back into shape, even if only for 48 hours.

So without further ado, here are my thoughts from the 23rd Annual Cubs Convention….

  • Rick Sutcliffe is just plain funny. In fact, he is downright hilarious. I would love to play golf and have a few drinks with the man, but I think Bill Murray beat me to that….I kid, I kid.
  • I had no idea Ryno and Sut were best friends. They were neighbors and drove to the field together every day. Great stories. Apparently Ryno had a way of alluding tolls.
  • Somebody needs to remind Sutcliffe that Jody Davis was not on the 1989 Eastern Division Championship squad. Slightly awkward moment.
  • Mark Grace has some new competition for the hearts of women all across Cubdom – his name ….Mark DeRosa.
  • And guys, I know I started it, but let’s give the “DeRo’s wife talk” a break. We all get it, she is hot.
  • On that topic, there is a picture below that shows Lou moving in on my woman. But hell, I love the guy, who cares. Go for it Lou! Err, I mean, lay off dude.
  • Crane Kenney, McDonough’s replacement, is very impressive in person. He is intelligent, well-spoken and passionate about his job.
  • But he is not John McDonough.
  • Bob Feller was hawking autographs for $25 each all weekend. It was a sad sight to see.
  • If you like sports memorabilia and you have a spare $10,000, you should go to the Convention next year. Wow, the things you can buy. I had my hands on a real seat from Wrigley autographed by Kerry Wood and it included the certificate of authenticity….and it was reasonably priced. But as the sales woman was taking the money from my hand another woman claimed she already bought it and I was out of luck. I said a few remarks under my breath, but they did not come out under my breath. Oops.
  • Wow, that was quite a lengthy thought, I will try to keep it to a minimum.
  • The Hendry is cool under the pressure. I am always amazed at how honest he is to the fans.
  • Jeff Samardzija is funny, really funny and the youngsters love him. And his nickname is “The Shark.” He likes it, so let’s be sure to add it to the lexicon of the Faithful.
  • Random thought: I am not as ticked at Sammy as I used to be. I am not saying, I am just saying.
  • If you have a spare few hours, and not that anyone does, but take some time to listen to the audio Neil put on the site over the weekend. It is just like being there, well almost like being at the actual convention. Either way, it is very entertaining.
  • We all know I have a man crush on Mark DeRosa, and last weekend did nothing but solidify those feelings, in a manly way, ya know, like buddies and stuff, that’s all.
  • I am still mad about the lady who stole my Kerry Wood autographed seat from Wrigley.
  • If I could rationalize saying a prayer about something when there are so many other things that are much more important and crucial in this world, I would pray that somehow, some way, Wrigley Field always remains Wrigley Field.
  • But I agree with Crane Kenney, it’s about time the Wrigley Co. start paying for something they have gotten for free all these years.
  • The Hendry loves Kerry Wood. The Hendry thinks Mark Prior got hurt a lot. That pretty much says it all.
  • I love Woody, but after hearing the story about how he walked into Hendry’s office and said, “Pay me what you think is fair,” I will love him forever.
  • Maybe he was a shaky closer and who knows how he will be as a starter, but Dempster is one hell of a funny and gregarious man.
  • Single guys, get to the convention next year, oh so many girls in Cubbie gear, it is as exciting as a Friday night in Vegas. Wait, did I just say that? Okay, so maybe it is nowhere near a Friday night in Vegas, but it is still pretty cool.
  • If you have never experienced a Friday night in Vegas, do it, do it now, and do it for yourself.

The 23rd Cubs Convention celebrated a division title, here is to hoping the 24th celebrates a whole lot more.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!


Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne