If I Owned the Cubs

With the sale of our beloved team drifting slowly toward a new owner I have often pondered what I would do if I possessed the power of ownership? It’s a dream question that I am sure many of us have fantasized about. Think about it, you’re the owner of the CUBS! Anyway, this is my punch list.

  • I would renovate Wrigley Field. (Yes, if I bought the team Wrigley must be included) The shrine holds about 41,000 and some of those seats are just horrible. Ever sit behind a pole? Trust me; it is not exactly the most enjoyable place to view a game. The renovation might take a year to complete and we probably will play our home games in Bridgeport but what the hell, the citizens of Illinois are paying taxes on U.S. Cellular Field so why not let the 65% percent of the State’s Cubs Fans enjoy their tax dollars.
  • With the newly renovated and expanded Wrigley Field (Capacity is now at 45,000) I would press for more night games. I would grease any politician that I could and I would mandate that only Weekend, Holiday and team getaway days would be played during the daytime.
  • I will get rid of the basket atop of the outfield Ivy; I just never liked that thing.
  • I would keep the team colors but I would change the style of the uniforms. I prefer my players to have the cut off sleeve look. Similar to what The Cincinnati Reds have. I also would have an alternate uniform to be worn on Sundays.
  • That 7th inning guest conductor is history! I will honor Harry by playing a recorded rendition of his “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” rather than listen to someone else’s lame attempt. Plus, the listeners don’t have to cringe during the Len and Bob interview when they can be focusing on the all important bottom of the seventh inning.
  • Revenues and expenses will be open to the public. The balance sheet will be for everyone’s eyes and I promise to have a very generous payroll. With over 40,000 coming to every game, a sweet television/radio deal I think I could afford to keep up with the New Yorks and Bostons of the world.
  • I will sit down with Jim Hendry and ask him why he should remain with the club; I will defer to his expertise and will decide to bring him back.
  • If the team has a losing season, I promise to lower the tickets for the following season.
  • Finally, I will bring back the ball girl! Applications for the job will be available as soon as I purchase the team.

Well, there you have it. Now it’s your turn….you play if I owned the Cubs.

Quote of the Day

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein