Oh That Sweet Convention Smell

The Cubs Convention will kick off two weeks from today, and boy am I excited! This will be the third year in a row I attend the Convention and it is quite an experience. I wrote a similar column last year, but I could not avoid doing it again. More and more people read the site than ever before and I want all to know the joy and pleasure of attending a Cubs Convention. Also, the Convention was the first event I ever covered for the CCO two years ago and as my own CCO anniversary approaches I would like to ramble on why the Convention is so wonderful.

So without further ado, ramblings on the Chicago Cubs Fan Convention.

  • At what other time is there a very realistic chance that a legend of the past is going to belly up next to you at one of the numerous hotel bars and order a drink?
  • Rick Wilkins vs. Jody Davis in Cubs Jeopardy while Pat Hughes plays the part of Alex Trebek….oh yes, it has happened before.
  • One room with you and every single Cubs legend of which you can think. The parade of awesomeness almost never ends.
  • Hope, Hope and more Hope. As you would imagine with a gathering of Cubs fans that large, there is hope.
  • Parents clamoring to get a better spot in the autograph line for their respective children. The kicker: the autograph line is for Jay Johnstone.
  • Where else can you shake the “Hawk’s” hand and get his autograph and watch the right hander sign your form with his left hand. Unreal!
  • Being there the moment Fergie Jenkins sees Ron Santo for the first time over the weekend….what an embrace!
  • Meeting Pat Hughes. One of the nicest and most humble people around.
  • Ditto that with Len Kasper. A few years ago I thanked him for his autograph (yes I am a dork) and in return he thanked me for asking for it in the first place.
  • Meeting Ernie Banks in person. To steal a line from a beer north of Illinois….boys, it just doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Watching Andre Dawson call out Rick Sutcliffe for throwing at him before they were teammates and watching “Sut” try to deny it for minutes before finally admitting it….absolute comedy, pure greatness.
  • Having an hour to watch fans of all ages ask Lou and Jim WHATEVER question they want. Of course not all are answered, but after seeing this in person my respect for The Hendry grew. He was always as forthright as he could be. What an enjoyable hour of life.
  • Last year Convention goers were treated to eight men from the glorious ’89 team and what amounted to panties being tossed at a rock concert. Well that is how I will describe the way in which most women treated Mark Grace. There were no undergarments, but there may have just well been.
  • On a serious note, the Convention will not be the same with out its creator Mr. John McDonough. It is a big loss for the Cubs, but he will never be forgotten. The Cubs Convention was the first fan convention in pro sports and it was his idea.
  • If you go I promise there is a good chance you will have a drink with Bob Dernier. Trust me. And also, what a great guy. Totally honest about it all.
  • The atmosphere is hard to describe, but it is pure excitement the entire weekend.
  • One of my favorite parts is the opening ceremonies when they introduce all current and former players in attendance. I find it hard to believe anyone will receive a louder ovation this year than Kerry Wood.
  • I hope Mark DeRosa’s wife is there.
  • The coaches’ panel is also very intriguing. One actually gets to find out what each coach actually does. A job title is one thing, but learning all of their respective responsibilities is quite enlightening.
  • I really hope Kosuke is there. The Japanese media will create a scene most of us have never witnessed before and boy will it be….ummm….interesting.
  • I have said it before and I will say it again, if you have the means, you need to go, especially if you have never been before. It is truly an experience you will never forget.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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