From the Wire….Wood Agrees to Deal with Cubs

According to reports out of Chicago and on XM Radio, Kerry Wood has agreed to a 1-year deal to remain with the Chicago Cubs. Ken Rosenthal is reporting the deal is worth $4.2 million. The deal appears to be without an option for a second year.

Updated 5:39pm C.T. with Additional Information on Wood’s contract

Update – Wood’s 1-year deal includes $3.45 million in performance bonuses based on games finished….20 to 55. Jim Hendry stated, “Wood is likely to join Carlos Marmol and Bobby Howry at the back end of the bullpen.” Hendry said Piniella and Rothschild will determine the roles.

According to a report on Fox, Wood was asked if he would be a starter again one day and he said he feels like he can do it physically but does not know if he should take that chance again right away.

On Wood being the Cubs’ closer….

“Wood would have to show he is able to pitch on three consecutive days without health issues before he could be a candidate for a closer.”

The bottom line is, Kerry Wood wanted to remain a Cub and he is rumored to have turned down offers from other teams….that kind of loyalty, is priceless.

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