Instant Replay, Gold Gloves and Rumors

The big news from day two at the General Managers meetings was the proposal to use instant replay was approved by a vote of 25-5 to “help umpires on boundary calls” to determine if home runs are fair or foul. The next step is for Bud Selig to give the approval for Jimmie Lee Solomon to draft a detailed replay proposal that the general managers would have to vote on again at the upcoming Winter Meetings. According to a report on, replay would have to eventually be approved by unions for the players and the umpires as well as possibly a vote by the owners.

Derrek Lee won his third Gold Glove, his second as a Cub, on Tuesday. Among the other winners in the National League was former Cub, Greg Maddux. Maddux won the 17th Gold Glove of his career passing Jim Kaat and Brooks Robinson for the most in Major League history….

From the Transactions Wire…. The Cubs completed the deal that brought Steve Trachsel to the Cubs at the end of the season. As it turns out, not only did Jim Hendry send Rocky Cherry and Scott Moore to the Orioles for Trachsel on August 31st, apparently there was a PTBNL. According to a report by Bruce Miles, the Cubs sent right-handed pitcher, Jacob Renshaw to Baltimore on Monday to complete the deal. The Cubs’ 10th round draft pick in 2006 was 12-8 with a 4.33 ERA in 22 starts for Peoria last year.

The Cubs….

Carl Crawford to the Cubs? Bruce Miles stated the Cubs have not had any conversations with the Rays about Crawford since the end of the season. According to Miles, “that could change this week.” The Rays will be “looking for pitching.

Hiroki Kuroda filed for free agency on Monday clearing the way for him to sign with a Major League team this winter. The Boston Herald reported on Tuesday that Kuroda “reportedly prefers to play on the West Coast because he doesn’t like cold weather.” The same report mentioned Kuroda could receive a contract worth more than the 6-year, $52 million dollar contract that Daisuke Matsuzaka signed last year.

Kosuke Fukudome is on the Cubs radar….stay tuned. ESPN and XM Radio have begun discussing Fukudome. ESPN said many have compared Fukudome’s defensive skills to Ichiro.

The Cubs are looking at Mike Cameron according to Ken Rosenthal. According to Rosenthal, Felix Pie could end up in either left field or center “depending on whom the Cubs acquire.” What about Alfonso Soriano? Rosenthal said Kosuke Fukudome would be “an excellent fit” for the Cubs.

Phil Rogers also brought up the Cubs interest in Fukudome. Rogers said U.S. Scouts have compared Fukudome to Raul Ibanez of the Seattle Mariners. Rogers said if the Cubs do sign Fukudome “they might be in position to use Felix Pie in a significant trade.” Rogers mentioned the rumor that circulated on Sunday about the Cubs and Padres talking about a trade that would bring Khalil Greene to Chicago for Pie.

According to the Boston Herald, the Cubs are interested in Coco Crisp.

The Denver Post said the Cubs have Kaz Matsui on their radar.” XM Radio has reported the Mets interest in Matsui as well.

The Rangers are interested in Kerry Wood according to their official team site.

Raul Ibanez is on the Cubs “short list of targeted players this off-seasonaccording to a report in the News Tribune. Ibanez has 1-year left on his current deal worth $5.5 million.


Chris De Luca said the Cardinals could be interested in signing Alex Rodriguez. But the Cubs “don’t figure to be in the A-Rod derby.Jim Hendry was asked about the apparent price tag associated with Rodriguez, his response…. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.Dave Dombrowski said, “The Tigers don’t have any interest.

From Around the League….

136 players have filed for free agency.

The Cardinals are in need of a shortstop for the upcoming season. David Eckstein is a free agent and could resign with the club but many have suggested the Cardinals are exploring their options. One option according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch….Cesar Izturis. Jack Wilson and Miguel Tejada are also on the Cardinals’ radar.

The Tigers have shown interest in Cliff Floyd.

2007 Gold Glove Winners

National League

  • Russell Martin – C
  • Derrek Lee – 1B
  • Orlando Hudson – 2B
  • David Wright – 3B
  • Jimmy Rollins – SS
  • Carlos Beltran – OF
  • Andruw Jones – OF
  • Jeff Francoeur – OF
  • Aaron Rowand – OF
  • Greg Maddux – P

American League

  • Ivan Rodriguez – C
  • Kevin Youkilis – 1B
  • Placido Polanco – 2B
  • Adrian Beltre – 3B
  • Orlando Cabrera – SS
  • Ichiro Suzuki – OF
  • Torii Hunter – OF
  • Grady Sizemore – OF
  • Johan Santana – P

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