Fukudome to Become Free Agent

According to a report on JapanBall.com on Sunday, Kosuke Fukudome is expected to file for free agency on Monday. Fukudome is scheduled to make a formal announcement at a Monday morning press conference.

The Cubs are rumored to be very interested in signing Fukudome but the outfielder could decide to sign with another team in Japan. Fukudome figures to get a lot of attention by Major League clubs, especially the Cubs, but it is rumored that both the Yomiuri Giants and the Hanshin Tigers are very interested in him as well.

Updated 6:22am C.T. – Fukudome Officially Filed on Monday as expected

Some of the experts think Fukudome will have success at the Major League level while others have questioned how effective he can be at the plate. Bob Bavasi was on XM Radio on Saturday with Holden Kushner and stated Fukudome should be successful at the Major League level. Bavasi did indicate he thinks Fukudome would be a better fit in right field than in center. Teams can begin negotiating with Fukudome on Wednesday.

The Cubs are rumored to be interested in signing free-agent Kaz Matsui to a 3-year deal with one of the reasons given….making the transition easier on Fukudome. Fukudome went to the same high school as Kaz Matsui.

UpdateAccording to a report on MLB.com, Kosuke Fukudome officially filed for free agency on Monday.

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