Rambling into Postseason

After four days of “Cubs this and Cubs that” there is nothing I can say now that has not already been said. Everyone is picking the Cubs to take down the Snakes. Lou is now a genius. McDonough is a true leader. Hendry pulled the right levers. The Cubs won 8 more games than they lost and are now playing in October for the first time since 2003. Is that enough? Many scribes have compared this year’s Cubs to last year’s Cardinals proving that it all begins again in October. And since there is not much more I can add I may as well go rambling into the postseason. So without further ado….here I go.

  • The media set Carlos up to create some bulletin board material yesterday and he did NOT take the bait. Maybe money does make one smarter.
  • I am writing this prior to the release of the 25 man roster….Kevin Hart should be on it, and do you know who agrees with me….Steve Stone. Yes, the Dalai Lama himself Steve Stone.
  • Matt Holliday was out at home due to a great block of the plate by Michael Barrett. He made a nice play that is all I am saying.
  • I am glad the game is at 9:00. It is not fair to the home team audience to have a game start at 4:00 in the afternoon. TBS did not let East Coast bias rule, and I am happy to see that.
  • Leaders step up in the post season so do not be surprised to see Derrek Lee take the reigns over the next week….or hopefully weeks.
  • My pick for a coming out party: Ryan Theriot. Now I know the Faithful are familiar with him, but it is time for the rest of the nation to learn what we already know.
  • Earn your money Z, earn that friggin MONEY!
  • 20 games cannot anoint a new starting catcher. But one hell of a postseason sure can Geovany.
  • I am guilty. Jason is guilty. Neil is guilty. Shaun is guilty. You are guilty. And because of that I have been performing towel drills for the past three weeks.
  • Fine, Rothschild may not be great, but no one expected Ted Lilly to be this good. And though his past month was pretty bad, Jason Marquis was better than anyone could have hoped.
  • Aramis could fault himself into the elite level of major league players and become a yearly MVP candidate.
  • I do not care if they have to bring along Dr. Phil, the Cubs need to have someone to keep Rich Hill’s emotions at bay. If the kid can stay out of his head he could be the best number 3 option in the entire playoffs.
  • Sweet Lou….what else can you say? Even Mariotti is eating his crow this week. The man knows how to manage a baseball team and that is the bottom line.
  • No matter who buys the Cubs John McDonough NEEDS to continue to a part of this franchise. He truly cares about the fans more than almost anyone else in sports. This is not an opinion, it is a fact.
  • I was in Milwaukee at a wedding on Friday night while the epicenter of partying was occurring five blocks from my house. The only solace was being yelled at while cheering for the Brewers to lose. Yes, I left the reception to watch the game at the hotel bar. You would have done the same thing.
  • While calling the collapse against the Fish Brenly said, “These players are not thinking about goats or black cats or Steve Bartman.” As fans we need to realize that. The players do no care.
  • With that said, what is going to happen next?
  • In the spring I said Ted Lilly reminded me of that super cool guy in high school that got all the girls. You know, the guy you hated. I think I was wrong about that.
  • I was going to be wrong about something at some point, right. No one is perfect….but I sure am close.
  • I believe in Lou. I believe in these players, and I believe it is our time. First pitch is 24 hours from the exact moment I am typing this sentence and you know what….I am not that nervous.
  • I have tickets to Game 3 on Saturday at Wrigley Field. Guess what….I will be at a wedding in Schaumburg. That is the price you pay for being popular and having too many friends.
  • Maybe I should hate myself more than Ted Lilly….I just need to work on the getting the girls part of that equation. Or better yet, holding on to one of those girls.
  • Here is to the sweet sound of Steve Goodman blaring deep into the Chicago night next weekend. CHEERS fellow members of the Faithful.

Go Cubs Go!

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - Albert Einstein