Lost, But Thankful

I am a creature of habit, I would imagine like most of you. I wake up at the same time every morning and pretty much have the same routine, both on the weekdays and weekend. I always check the CCO for any traffic or comments from the night before and then I read the newspapers for the latest on the Cubs from the mainstream media. Finally I remind myself of game time and then continue on with my day.

Today, as most days, I did everything in order as though I was checking off a to do list. Then I came to reminding myself about game time and that is when it hit me the season was truly over. For the first time since March 1st….no Cubs’ baseball. I remember growing up the last day of the season always being difficult to bear but as I get older, I think it was easier as a kid. The finality of the season lasted just one day but now it seems to linger for a little bit longer each year.

So as we all ponder the realization of waiting 5 months to see baseball under the bright sun in Arizona I just want to take a brief moment and say ‘Thank You’ to all of the loyal readers of the site. You guys fuel this site; your comments are often insightful and controversial. You spark debate and give people you have never met a shoulder to lean on. To all of the lurkers out there, we appreciate you guys as well.

Brian, Jason, Tom and Shaun….you guys have helped make this site what it is and I appreciate everything you have done and the time you have spent.

A quick reminder for everyone, the CCO will continue covering the Cubs on a daily basis throughout the off-season. We will have all of the Hot Stove talk covered with the latest from the rumor mill, the latest news and notes, roster moves both at the big league level and down on the farm. Plus, this off-season the Cubs should have a new owner in place and the CCO will have all of the updates on the sale of the team as well as the latest from the Winter Meetings in December. The CCO will be at the Cubs Convention in January and will be at Spring Training in Mesa.

For me, I just hope this season is the beginning of a successful run for the Chicago Cubs and not another one-year wonder. I, like you, remember feeling pretty confident heading into 1985, 1990, 1999 and 2004 just to be disappointed. Lou Piniella said during his press conference after Game Three, “This is just a start fellas. We are going to get better at this. This is just a start. We will convene next spring and take this thing further.” And Brian sent me this text after Saturday’s game: “Just wait til next year. We are going all the way! Cheers to 100 years!!!!“….both sound good to me.

The site is going to take a couple of well-deserved days off, but check back as it will be updated as news comes across the wire. Until then….

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax