The First Ramblings of the Off-Season

I have had two weeks to get over the playoffs. I am out of the cave, up from under the rock, took the curtains off the windows, finally got out of bed, dealt with it, came to terms with it, came to grips with it, whatever I actually did, I did it. The season is over. It’s been 100 years. It won’t be another 100 years. I think. I hope. I pray. Moving along, it is time to hurtle my insipid and idiotic stream on consciousness on the masses. Without further ado, here is the first installment of Ramblings during the Off-Season.

  • I bet you $300 million that the Cubs do not spend $300 million this off-season.
  • Does anyone else want to hear another story about how Jim Hendry signs a new free agent from a hospital bed?
  • Lou will be wearing pinstripes next year….Blue pinstripes.
  • I am curious to see who the Yankees hire. It is hard to imagine the Boss hiring someone with zero managing experience or only 1 year. Girardi got into with the Florida Marlins brass. Now imagine Girardi and Steinbrenner. This could be a lot of fun to watch.
  • Heck, if it does happen Rachel Nichols or Wendy Nix should just permanently check into the Times Square Marriott because one of them will be filing daily reports.
  • “Like Sands through the hour glass so go the New York Yankees.”
  • Sorry….back to the Cubs, but come on, that would be great, wouldn’t it?
  • Is Carlos going to lose another 25 pounds this off-season and then spend the season gaining it back? The story of my life as well….you know….minus approximately $91.5 million.
  • He has the best year of his career and the lasting image I have of Ted Lilly is his glove chucking incident on the mound in Arizona.
  • I just cannot picture Kerry Wood in a different uniform, it just cannot happen. I am not worried. Okay, just a little.
  • I think Derrek Lee will find his power stroke again in 2008. He hit 16 homeruns in the second half of the season. I think it is clear that his wrist was hindering him.
  • #22 – If you are reading this stop the “BS” train right now. Go get in shape and become the man we all thought you would be. You owe it to us. I promise if you win 18 games next year the entire city will love you and someone will pay you a lot of money. A lot. So do it. Please.
  • You know A-Ram and the ‘Fonz were playing hurt all year. Is A-Ram ever going to play when he is not hurt? When was the last time he was not ‘playing hurt?’
  • I saw a picture of Mark DeRosa’s wife. I wish I was Mark DeRosa.
  • I heard Corey Patterson was going to be a free agent. I started thinking….”Well, maybe a second go round….” At this point I slapped myself in the face five times….hard. I apologize.
  • I really do not have a free agent crush yet. I get giddy thinking about acquiring Johan Santana. Though it is unlikely it would be glorious. I read/heard someone playing out a scenario where the Cubs got A-Rod, Johan and Abreu….and they were serious. I need to know where this guy gets his Cubbie kool-aid.
  • That is just not going to happen. I would say it is unlikely the Cubs get even one of them, but all three, no way.
  • Around this time last year I thought it would be good to sign Adam Eaton. See just when you think you can be a GM you go out and say something like that.
  • I caution everyone right now….remember how you felt about Barry Zito at this time last year. Remember how you felt about Jason Schmidt at this time last year. Now you are warned, no excuses.
  • Okay Rich. It’s time to grow up. I am sick of waiting. I am sick of hoping. Are you going to be good finally? Stop teasing me and make up your mind buddy. If you are not up for it, fine, just tell me so I can move on.
  • I wish Harry was around to pronounce Kosuke Fukudome’s name. The FCC would be all over Cubs’ broadcasts. It would have been legendary….absolutely legendary. Just picturing it in my head is good enough. Trust me I am laughing right now.
  • Why don’t we end it right here with that mental image of Harry in your head and a smile on your face. As a Cubs fan, you deserve that much.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

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