Waiting for the Hot Stove

With the Colorado Rockies waiting to see which American League team they will face in the World Series, the rest of the baseball world is pretty quiet. There are a few rumors floating around and Joe Torre turned down the Yankees offer to return to the Bronx for another season. Lou Piniella did say on Thursday he is not interested in managing the Yankees and will return to the Cubs next season.

The Cubs are scheduled to have their organizational meetings at the end of October to decide their direction for the off-season but other than that, things are pretty quiet on the North Side of Chicago as well. So while we wait for the end of the 2007 season, let’s have a little fun on a Friday….

Baseball is a game built on its history and is filled with a countless number of colorful characters. From Cap Anson to Babe Ruth to Lou Piniella, every player has their stories, but some can be more intriguing than the other and to hear the player or manager tell them on a one on one basis would be priceless.

What if you could hear Albert Spalding tell you who actually invented the game of baseball or from Billy Martin what it was like to work for George Steinbrenner….or from Eddie Cicotte if Shoeless Joe actually knew what was going on during the 1919 World Series.

So if you could have dinner with anyone in baseball’s past (or present), who would it be and what questions would you ask?

Hat tip to the guys on Baseball This Morning…..

Next week the CCO will take a look at one of the biggest free agents this off-season as well as a look back at a World Series from yesteryear.

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax