Ramblings From a Labor of a Day

Labor Day, a time to reflect and thank the powers that be for giving us regular folks a truly deserved day off. After what took place on Monday at Wrigley it appears the Cubs took a day off as well….I hope they needed it. The Cubs have a laborious schedule this month while they attempt to win the division title. So I hope Monday provided an opportunity to rest. In 25 days the season will be over and the world will know if they Cubs are going on to the playoffs. As fun as September may prove to be, it will be rather nerve racking to you and me. I know there are plenty of Cubs’ fans who are regurgitating in their pints of Cubbie Kool-Aid as we speak.

“Just one meaningful game in September….that is all I want God, just one meaningful game in September.”

This is the Faithful’s credo, just one game that matters in September. Well, we have it and as the most interesting month in three years begins I am here to share my brain with the rest of the world….I hope you like it.

  • First and foremost, my prayers go out to Juan Encarnocion and his family….that was terrible and ugly….I am just surprised it took that long for it to happen. Good luck man….I hope you live a normal life.
  • $91.5 million….0-4 since the deal….great job The Hendry
  • No seriously that is a great deal
  • I am being serious folks, it was a great deal….except Carlos needs to remember the hungry Carlos….the one without the deal….the one who cared….the one who took the mic days after punching Barrett.
  • I have a great feeling we will see that Z in October and the world will stop talking about his emotional problems.
  • Absolutely loving the Big Murt….don’t look now, but he may be the starting RF next year….go ginger go.
  • At the game on Monday I heard a 13 year old yell out, “Let’s go Fire Crotch,” while Murton was at the plate. Oh to be so young and innocent and have ABSOLUTELY no idea what you are saying. I wanted to slap him….I really did.
  • Calling a dude “fire crotch” is one of the most embarrassing things that kid will ever do….seriously….come on….seriously….come on….I need to stop talking about this but I cannot
  • How do you tell a 13 year old he does not know the true meaning of a fire crotch?
  • I have no issues with fire crotches.
  • I cannot stop saying fire crotch.
  • Yes I can.
  • Fire crotch.
  • Darn it.
  • Fire crot….
  • See, there I did it.
  • And that was the worst tangent of my life.
  • Has anyone seen Aramis? Seriously, I cannot find him.
  • Derrek peeked his head out the other day, but then ran away again.
  • Derrek, Derrek, it is safe to come out….come out and play.
  • And the ‘Fonz said what’s up as well, but he went and disappeared again.
  • I cannot say this enough….my buddy Dan told me in the middle of July that I should write an article about JJ and how he would redeem himself and I said that was ludicrous and that he was an idiot for thinking so….
  • He is not an idiot.
  • Maybe I should ask him what he thinks about this year’s Super Bowl….
  • And once again I have found another making money scheme.
  • Speaking of the Super Bowl…. “Bear Down Chicago Bears….” You heard it here first….Grossman is going to the Pro Bowl.
  • And speaking of football….36 hours in South Bend this weekend….ouch….man that was awful….just terrible….Charlie I trust you….I still do….kind of….maybe….seriously fix that abomination….I am still throwing up in my mouth….and my mouth is not that big.
  • Back to baseball, the Cards are done….just focus on your opponent….not the race
  • The Cubs should win, they really should….the problem remains….they are the Cubs.
  • If Jacque Jones and Matt Murton lead the way to the pennant then….go THE HENDRY.
  • Seriously C. Weis….what the hell was that!!??
  • No….no I do not like Notre Dame….wait, actually it is the opposite.

Look folks the Cubs are going to win….you heard it here first….Cubs in first on October 1st.

There is a month left, titles to be won, divisions to be lost and a whole lot of fun to be had, so until then you may as well sack up and enjoy yourself. It is going to be a wild month, a roller coaster of a ride if you will, so everyone needs to be prepared.

Seasons come and go, teams flourish then diminish, players excel and vanish, but only one team remains on the lips of a nation….

The Yankees….

And screw them….let’s go Cubbies!!!

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

Quote of the Day

"There are places I remember. All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments ... " John Lennon/Paul McCartney