Rambling From Atop the Division

Well, I called it. I told you so. Cubs in first by July 5th or maybe August 5th, or you get the point. The Cubs have now grabbed a hold of first place more than once this season and now must remain in pole position for the rest of the season. 20 weeks of baseball are now in the books with 6 left, it is time for the sports cliches to start flying as we are now in “crunch time.” The Cubs need to refocus, hunker down, give it their all, go out there every day and leave it all on the field. And it is time for me to unleash my random stream of consciousness on you, member of the Cubs Faithful and CCO reader. So, without any more cliches, I am going to give it 115% in this column….

  • Theriot has to remain in the leadoff spot….right? I would bet a lot that he will be hitting number 2 upon the ‘Fonz’ return.
  • For a brief second I saw Matt Murton hit 3 homeruns in a week and there I went, going down the only road I’ll ever know….believing in him….dummy.
  • Here’s to Cliff Floyd and a great finish to one of the hardest seasons anyone has endured….my prayers are with him and his family at this time.
  • Re-sign Daryle Ward NOW….you want Ward or Mabry….please tell me you did not have to think about that.
  • Paging Derrek Lee, Mr. Lee, please report to the Cubs dugout immediately….Mr. Lee, Mr. Derrek Lee?
  • Also, will the man impersonating Mr. Lee please take off your mask and return to Texas….
  • Seriously Sammy, it is not funny pretending to be someone else.
  • In six years of having season tickets, I do not remember an entire series be as affected by the rain as happened last weekend….that was ridiculous, and unfortunately I think had a negative effect on the beloved.
  • Jacque Jones for MAYOR!
  • Sorry Richie…
  • Vince McMahon now supposedly ‘sired’ a WWE superstar out of wedlock….just when you thought the fake sport and its storylines could not get any worse….er, sorry, am I talking out loud again.
  • Does Barry Zito wear a mask every time he cashes his paycheck?
  • You might remember that my friend Dan though I should write an article entitled “Starting Over with Jacque” about 6 weeks ago and I said I just could not do it.
  • Dan was right, standing ovation for Dan.
  • Is it almost feasible that JJ is a Cub again next year? Really? Could this happen? Am I crazy?
  • Mark DeRosa, Mark DeRosa, Mark DeRosa….where would this team be without Mark DeRosa?
  • If you have not seen it yet, please watch “Scott Baio is 45 and Single” on VHI, it is 30 minutes of pure hilarity, the likes of which have not been seen in reality television for awhile….possibly ever.
  • Before you think you have what it takes to be a G.M., remember how peeved you were by the DeRo signing last November….I certainly was.
  • I do not know who Carlos Marmol excites more, Lou Piniella or me, this kid is fantastic. Seriously, when Steve Stone said he was the closer of the future, why did anyone hesitate? Even Chuck Norris is wrong more often than Steve Stone and we know Chuck Norris is never wrong.
  • By the way, stealing from a fan obsessed website, we also know that “Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer, too bad he never cries”.
  • I wonder what Rich Hill’s record would be with just average run support, would he be 13-6 like another lefty on the ball club?
  • The only way to slow down Ryan Braun at this point is to have him date Britney Spears because it is going to take a train wreck to derail this kid.
  • Did you see who was just tied for last place with Kansas City Royals….seriously, how did that happen?
  • Ryan Dempster is going to be just fine as the closer down the stretch, I have complete faith in him.
  • In fact I have the same amount of faith in Ryan Dempster as I do Lindsay Lohan’s latest attempt to stay sober.
  • Cubs in first place for good on September 5th.

And on that note, I leave you Cubs Faithful and devoted readers of the CCO. As I said, there are six weeks left. Six weeks to spill your guts on the field of play, to go out there, give it all you’ve got…. and win just one for the Gipper. Alright, I am getting confused, another season is about to start.

In all seriousness, it has been three years since they played meaningful baseball in September and I for one, am feeling quite refreshed.

Hey Chicago whatta say, the Cubs are going to win today!! GO Cubs GO!!

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans

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