Rambling from the Bottom of an Empty Barrel of Cubbie Kool-Aid

You can just feel it in the air, can’t you? There is a hop in your step, a glint in your eye, more of an upturn in your smile, “The Cubs are on their way”….sing it with me.

We are amidst the greatest twenty-something game stretch in 7 years, SEVEN years. Who knew Lou’s belly dance would excite a bunch of grown males the way it has. “Hey, hey, holy Mackerel, no doubt it….”

We all see where I am going with this, so it is on to my new rambling thoughts including the most ‘man crushes’ ever by a heterosexual 28 year old male.

  • Sometimes when I get bored at work, I stare off into a corner or out the window and just think of Aramis and it always makes me smile.
  • My good buddy Dan thought my next column should be called “Starting Over, My Personal Relationship with Jacque Jones.” I just could not do it, I really want to start over with him, give him another chance, but he has hurt me to many times in the past, I have to move on now. I am sorry Dan.
  • I have a man crush on Mark DeRosa
  • My friend Alison attended last Sunday’s game with me, her first of the season, she took all of the credit for the second inning comeback, I kind of agree with her, or not at all.
  • Yes, shameless plugs regarding my friends, the theme will continue
  • Ditto the man crush on Aramis Ramirez
  • I like proving I have friends
  • Jason has to be one excited Cubs fan, he has been dreaming of Jason Kendall since the “Michael Jackson” years
  • Who can we steal from Pittsburgh this year? I really like that Ryan Doumit kid, but that would be 147th different catcher on our roster this year.
  • Even if we trade Izzy and bring Cedeno back up I have this sinking feeling that RC Cola is going to revert back to his offense of old, though you do not know how exciting it is for me to be able to drop the RC Cola reference, so liberating and exciting.
  • Kind of man-crushing on The Riot lately
  • Don’t come back to earth Mighty Mike, stay up there, stay as long as you can….it had to happen though, didn’t it?
  • Yep, Lou had lost touch with this team and modern day players, he had no idea what he was doing in the beginning of June; I love the “experts”; even yesterday Mariotti called it a mere coincidence, somebody shut that guy up.
  • Zambrano said there is a 90% chance he will remain a Cub, but I just don’t believe him
  • Definitely crushing on Derrek Lee
  • Since we all announced our first half MVP’s, I wanted to let you know that my buddy Danny Mac’s first half MVP was Aramis….yea, he really went out on a limb there, gutsy call bud.
  • Mark Cuban would be good for baseball, great in fact and if Selig and Reinsdorf block it, there needs to be an overhaul of the process; no owner of the Chicago White Sox should be able to basically single-handedly decide who can buy the Cubs, there is something inherently wrong with that….think about it….okay don’t, it ticks me off something fierce as well.
  • I do not believe Hendry or McDonough when they say they are free to make trades; the proof will be in the putting when they try to pull one off that includes a player with a guaranteed salary after this season and you know what, I just do not see that happening.
  • My biggest surprise man crush of the season: Carlos Marmol
  • My buddy Craig just had a son and he named him Payton; apparently his wife was not up for Sandberg and it is a boy so it could not be Grace; Craig’s brother bought him an authentic Cubs jersey with the #34 on the back and the name of Payton; pretty awesome gift for the all-encompassing Chicago Sports fan.
  • Again, I cannot say this enough, Sweet Lou’s belly dance actually turned on grown men.
  • That is so nasty that I just threw up in my mouth again.
  • Am I the only who noticed that ‘Fonz does a little hop step right as he is about to catch a fly ball, his feet are not on the ground when he catches the ball, even if there is no throw to be made.
  • Okay CCO, I need to buy a jersey t-shirt….who should I wear on my back; please let me know your thoughts below.
  • I do not care how much the ’05 season ruined this song because the Sopranos made it right again….I do not care what you tell me, or who says what, Cubs fans…. “Don’t Stop Believin'”
  • I meant Cubs in first by August 5th, not July, sorry for the mistake.

The second half is off to a great start so keep the hop in your step, that glint in your eye and the big smile on your face. August and September promise to be fun, let’s go watch our beloved Cubs bring home a division and maybe even more.

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!!

Quote of the Day

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein