The CCO’s Midseason Report Card

As the first half of the season comes to a close, our Cubbies are finally looking like a team that can win. We had a rough beginning, and we almost lost our season in April after a horrendous start to the year. Our beloved and much improved team, so we thought, was off to a 10-14 start. The team to beat was not the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals but a team with a Prince and a guy that 50% of his name consists of the letter “L”. The Milwaukee Brewers finished the month of April with a 16-9 record and showed zero signs of slowing down. The Cubs were already 6 games back and only a half game out of the cellar, but we also played one less game than the Astros and Cards. We could of finished April in dead last, but we all said it is early and this team is too good, right….this team is too talented, right, $300 million can’t be wrong, can it? No worries May will be A LOT better….

Our Cubs didn’t fare much better in the month of May, we managed to get worse and we looked destined for another disappointing season. During May we went 12-15 and dropped 7 games below the all important .500 mark. Thankfully, Milwaukee cooled off and we were still only 6.5 games back in the NL Central. The Brewers posted a 14-15 record in the month of May. Imagine if they repeated their hot April start, better yet don’t, you might make yourself ill. Amazingly we were tied with the Cards and the Bucs, all of us were 6.5 games back. For the first time I was proud to say we are in the weak NL Central, or else I would be waiting for the defending NFC Champs to report to Training Camp….Bear Down, by the way. But we had a lot of work to do and with the weather, we needed to start heating up.

June was the month we all have been waiting for, or expecting from this team. But it got off to one of the weirdest starts you will ever see. Everyone knows what happened, Zambrano hit Barrett, Barrett ended up in the hospital and the Faithful wondered what would come next. Well, the next day Mount Lou finally erupted, was suspended and the Cubs started winning games. The Cubs went 17-11 in the month of June and were sitting 1 game under .500 with a record of 39-40. And topped off the month winning 8 of the last 10. The Cubs ended the month against the division leading Brewers in a series that we had to win. A sweep would have been incredible but taking two out of there was good enough for the Faithful. I mean c’mon we had to win the first one off the “best closer” in the game with a walk off followed by a reach around. Still incredibly weird to me, maybe that’s why his name is Cesar! After an incredible June we were still 6.5 games back of the Brew-Crew, the Brewers went 18-10 in the month of June. After getting no hit by Jason Verlander of the Tigers, they won 13 of their next 16 contests. That’s a sign of a good team. But we managed to distance ourselves from the rest of the pack and had a 3.5 game lead on the Cardinals.

And finally July, we have played 8 games this month and have managed to gain more ground on the Brewers than we have all year. To date we are within 4.5 games of the Brewers and we should be 3.5 back. We have won more games in the last 30 than any other team in baseball. We have bounced back and hopefully showed the rest of the division and league that we are a team that will be around ALL year. This team is good and hopefully the phantom ownership will not get in the way of us improving. I really believe the way the Cubs have played the last month and a half is a true testament of the team they can and will continue to be.

What are your thoughts? Let us know at the CCO what you want to see during the second half. Remember you never know who is reading.

Until Next Time….But Always, GO CUBBIES!!!!

Quote of the Day

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