If You Were the Cubs GM….at the Deadline

….What would you do? While the team enjoys a scheduled day off, a good baseball executive, especially the GM never gets time off during the season, and those long days have a tendency to get even longer as the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline approaches. There have been a couple of names mentioned in the same sentence as the Chicago Cubs in recent days but most think the crew Lou Piniella has will be the one he finishes the season with. But are there deals the Cubs should try to make to give them a shot to ball play in October?

Before the 2006 season, the CCO asked not only once, but twice, what you would do if you were the General Manager of the Chicago Cubs. And before this season started, we asked what you would do if you were Lou Piniella. Let’s have a little fun today, with it being Monday and all, and once again play general manager….if just for a day. But as always, there is a twist.

Not only do you have to act like a GM, you have to think like one as well. You cannot say for instance, trade Jacque Jones and a minor leaguer to the Yankees for Alex Rodriguez, that scenario would never take place. Trades have to benefit both teams, not just your beloved Chicago Cubs. You also have to make a deal that improves this year’s team and not mortgage too much of the future. Many experts around the league feel clubs are over valuing their prospects and are not willing to part with them as easily as in the past. And the general managers that are dealing are asking for the organizations top prospects for what usually ends up being a two-month rental. So where is the common ground?

In recent days, names such as Octavio Dotel and Zack Greinke of the Kansas City Royals have been mentioned as relievers that could be acquired to help Lou Piniella’s pen down the stretch. There has also been talk about the Cubs scouting Jose Contreras. ESPN’s Steve Phillips mentioned the name Kenny Lofton and thought he would be a good fit with the Cubs in the leadoff spot and dropping Alfonso Soriano down to the 5-hole in the order would give him more RBI opportunities. Before the All-Star break the name Ken Griffey, Jr. was bounced around but most think that would not happen because of the pending sale of the team.

So what would you do? What player or players do you think the Cubs should acquire before next Tuesday’s deadline? Would it be a utility player? What about a catcher? How about a right fielder with a little bit of pop and range to cover the position? What about the bullpen? What do you do with Scott Eyre? Will Ohman? How about players down on the farm? Do you recall Felix Pie? What about Matt Murton? Ronny Cedeno?

Be a little creative. If you have to involve another team, do so? But explain your position and why you think your trade would be a good fit for the Chicago Cubs.

And lastly have fun, isn’t that what baseball is supposed to be in the first place?

Quote of the Day

"When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all." – Theodore Roosevelt