Rambling on a Warm Summer Day

It has been quite some time since I have unleashed my stream of consciousness, put pen to paper, more accurately, fingers to a keyboard and shared my inner most thoughts regarding the Cubs with you the reader. So, after the emotional tease that was last week, I am back to let you know some of my random thoughts.

  • Every day I lose an iota of confidence in Matt Murton.
  • I would be willing to trade Jacque Jones for 3 quarters; no, not 3 quarters on the dollar, just three friggin’ quarters. Peter Gammons would consider this a lopsided trade in favor of the Cubs.
  • Carlos said that both he and Barrett cried while they were making up with each other. That is about as believable as me saying I do not like cheeseburgers.
  • Lou claimed he did not make contact with the umpire during his tirade, um….Lou, ummm…., the older you get the more the beer sits with you buddy, you need to look down a little more often, it is not hard to be swatting people left and right with that thing.
  • My opinion: Sopranos finale was ingenious, loved it.
  • Ted Lilly threw at Renteria on purpose, getting thrown out was just another example of the Cubs’ luck thus far, that was a joke and the umpire should be reprimanded by the league for wrongly interfering with the game.
  • I went on a golf vacation last weekend, got in 63 holes in 48 hours, it was lovely, the only better part was returning to the house we rented on Friday evening to grill up burgers and cheddarwursts, imbibe cold frothy beverages and watch Soriano go yard time after time after time.
  • By the way, if you have never had a cheddarwurst, let me know, your life will never be the same (if any of you out there know the pleasure of a cheddarwurst, please say so in a comment below; people deserve to know this pleasure)
  • I am starting to sense a “cheese” theme in this column.
  • How ironic is it that we complain and moan about A-Ram’s hustle and then he hurts himself busting his hump down the line to first base.
  • Felix Pie needs a song and a nickname, it looks like that guy is going to be around for a LONG time; I also love how he and Soriano look identical from a distance.
  • To the reader: You are not the only one that has Bette Midler’s diddy “From a Distance” playing in your head right now, so don’t worry.
  • I took a new approach to watching Cubs’ games this season, I watch the first six innings, once the bullpen is inserted I turn off the game and proceed to watch the lowlights on the news later, call me crazy but who wants to watch the same episode of the same TV show night after night after night.
  • Sunday night, Ryan Dempster….ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH
  • I love Derrek Lee, everything about him, everything he represents and everything he is on the field, you cannot ask for more.
  • At this point I would accept 2 quarters for Jacque Jones.
  • My golf trip was in a little town in Illinois just east of Iowa and just south of Wisconsin….and you know what that means, cheese curds everywhere you turned, absolutely phenomenal.
  • I wonder how nervous Neal Cotts is right now, this whole minor league thing may be for real….
  • Goodbye Wade Miller, I will not miss you.
  • I think Barrett and Zambrano feel if they hug each other more than two long lost siblings people will actually believe they have made up.
  • I will believe they have made up when Barrett catches him again….maybe.
  • I am feeling this June boys and girls, I am feeling it, this will be the month we call “the turnaround.”
  • Cubs in first by July 5th, you heard it here first.

So that’s it, and yes, I know I need to be a little classier when it comes to JJ, but I am at my wits end, so my apologies. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!!

Quote of the Day

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." – Arthur Ashe