The Two-Ring Circus

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to the Big Top….

Last time I checked I get a bill in the mail every year from the Chicago Cubs, not the Ringling Brothers Circus, in order to renew my season tickets. But what transpired over the weekend series was a far cry from a professional organization running a baseball team admired by millions. It was a circus act, with Not-So-Sweet Lou as the ringleader. It has been brewing for quite some time, but it all boiled over this weekend. Ladies and Gentleman, Children of all ages this is the weekend that was at Sheffield and Addison…. (Start the circus theme song)

The Braves came into town for a three game weekend series. I ran into Jeff Francoeur at the Westin on Michigan Ave and told him to take it easy on us this weekend. But we didn’t know we were in store for a wild weekend, oh and Jeff if you are reading thanks for taking it easy, Francoeur had two hits and three RBI’s on Friday. With Zambrano on the mound, you know that guy who is supposed to be our staff ace; I thought we would get off to a nice start. When reports came out that Hank White was going on the DL and Barrett would be the battery mate for the Big Wacko I knew we were in trouble.

It is publicly known that Z has asked for Blanco to be his permanent catcher. There is a reason behind everything and with Barrett dealing with his own struggles I knew something was bound to happen. I think it would be safe to say they are the biggest hot heads on the roster. We all know Z is officially nuts, but I think Barrett is a quiet, hide in the shadows type of nut job. With the game getting out of hand, missed signs and passed balls we were in for part one of this two ring circus act. Zambrano was looking for someone to blame for his poor performance and Barrett was an easy target. Barrett has been publicly ridiculed for his pitch calling and recently needed a mental day off. If Z pitched poorly, Barrett might as well have had a target painted on his forehead, it was going to be his fault. And that is exactly what happened, and we all know the rest of the story. Would this ignite a sleeping giant? Would this be what this underachieving ball club needed, a slap fight in the dugout? I’m not too sure, but what I do know it was embarrassing and I was ashamed of the team I love. But in typical Cubs fashion they had a something in mind for Saturday….(Circus theme still playing)

Saturday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining a few friendly clouds dotted the blue sky. I woke up in the morning, took my daily vitamins and an allergy pill. I’d imagine many of us did the same, including Not-So-Sweet Lou. Accept he didn’t take an allergy pill….he took his crazy pills. A whole handful of crazy pills washed down with a glass of nut job juice. It was very eerie in Wrigleyville on Saturday. Not too many people in the streets, the bars weren’t overflowing with pre-gamers and the stadium was about half full at game time. People were moving a snails pace and they say it gets incredibly still right before a tornado is about to strike. I wouldn’t know. But I do know it gets incredibly still and quiet right before a 63-year old, gray haired pregnant looking man is about to go bonkers on an umpire making the right call on a close play at third.

The game was within reach and we just got finished coming back from a 3-0 deficit….granted we allowed the Braves to score again in the top of the eighth, but good teams capitalize on walks. This all could have been avoided, but once again discipline and bad base running left Angel Pagan on second after his shot to the right field corner. Pagan was running with his eyes on Francoeur the entire time, Quade was doing his best Wavin’ Wendell impression but to no avail. Pagan put on the brakes and stopped at second….he would have made it to third, I have no doubt. But on a passed ball Pagan tried to advance and was thrown out….and once again you know the rest. As Wrigley erupted I sat down in my seat high above the action and was embarrassed. Lou kicked dirt, his hat, more dirt and his hat again….the second hat kick was pretty good by the way, he was getting some distance. During his tirade the classless fans in the bleachers littered the field with mugs and garbage. I don’t know who started the tradition, but it has to stop. Wrigley “Crowd Management” should have kicked out every single person caught throwing garbage on the field. As the crowd chanted Lou!!! Lou!!! Lou!!!, I was not happy or excited. But questioning why Sinatro or Quade didn’t try and relax their fearless leader. I was speechless, I knew it was a matter of time, but I didn’t expect such a display. I actually felt bad for Lou, he threw a hissy fit in front a 40,000 people.

Could this be what this team needed? Granted they won yesterday and put on quite an offensive performance. But that was one game. They need way more than one victory. This team needs to come together and play like big league ball players. I’m just glad this Circus was of the two ring variety, a third ring and I would make a visit to the pharmacist to get MY crazy pills….Refills: Unlimited.

Until Next Time, but always….GO CUBBIES!!!!

Oh, one last thing, I almost forgot….Turn off the Circus Music.

Quote of the Day

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - Albert Einstein