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As I sit here and ponder what to write, it dawns on me that the answer is nothing, really. How much more can be written? How many more predictions can be proffered? How many more awful Prior outings can be disputed and discussed? The games are meaningless, unless you are an unnamed coach and Sweet Lou is simply giving you the business. While they may not count, these games offer a chance to see what might be, what could be, in fact, maybe even what is. Since pitchers and catchers reported close to a month ago, a lot has happened and I have trouble summing it up. With that said, I now turn it over to one of the greatest Bands of their time or any time, U2. So, in a rambling sort of way, here is how Bono would summarize the Cubs’ spring training thus far.

  • Barry Bonds spend most of the game Monday, “Staring at the Sun.”
  • He was also “Stuck in a Moment That He Couldn’t Get Out Of.”
  • The trouncing at the hands of the White Sox a few weeks back can only be described as “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”.
  • The Cubs will go on this season “With or Without You”, Mark Prior.
  • Speaking of, Mr. Prior has really gotten some “Elevation” on those fastballs.
  • It is time for Roberto Novoa to simply “Walk On”.
  • Jeff Samardzija, Eric Patterson and others were shipped to a place “Where the Streets Have No Name”.
  • Carlos Zambrano has pure “Desire”.
  • Many Baseball pundits have discussed the possibility that next year the Cubs will acquire “The Angel of Harlem.” (Okay that is a stretch, it is really the Bronx, and he is not an Angel).
  • Jacque Jones has really shown some “Pop” with his bat.
  • When it comes to the far off future of Carlos or the immediate future of JJ, Jim Hendry has moved in “Mysterious Ways”.
  • Alfonso Soriano has been “Even Better than the Real Thing”.
  • The Cubs are prepping in Spring Training so they are ready to rock when they return to the “City of Blinding Lights”.
  • I am so addicted to the Cubs, one time I said to them, “Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me”. (No need for anyone to go all ‘shrink’ on me now, okay)
  • After watching Carlos pitch the last four weeks, I named his curveball and fastball “Rattle and Hum”.
  • In order to properly dissect Carlos’ mental make-up, one would need a guide on “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”. Man did he hit the ground with some force on Monday, he was moving.
  • Derrek Lee is raising money for his daughter’s charity “In the Name of Love”, well, because he has “Pride”.
  • “One Life, One love”….ONE CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR!
  • Obviously for the organization and the millions of fans, “We Still Haven’t Found What We’re Looking For”.
  • But when we do, it truly will be a “Beautiful Day!”

So there you have it, no analysis, no predictions, and no breakdowns, if they are going to play meaningless games, I may as well write an article that some deem, well, meaningless.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected], and until next time….

Stay Classy Bono!!

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