Chasing October Premiere

chasingoctober.jpg “Chasing October is the film by Matt Liston that chronicles a fan’s crusade to take the Chicago Cubs to the World Series by any means necessary.” The CCO received an email to announce the premiere screening on Tuesday, March 13th to benefit Derrek Lee’s Project 3000. The screening will take place at the Harkins Camelview Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona at 8:00pm. The film will open Friday, March 16th exclusively at the Harkins Camelview Theater in Scottsdale and in Chicago theaters on Friday, March 23rd. Matt Liston, Derrek Lee and other Cub stars will be in attendance at the free movie screening and donations to the charity are suggested.

Chasing October Trailer

The film is about Matt Liston who quit his job and decided to make a documentary about the 2003 season. The film is being released by Emerging Pictures and features Bernie Mac, Gary Sinise, Joe Mantegna, Jeff Garlin, Larry King and includes songs by Billy Corgan and Sunday Morning Chameleon, as well as the voice of Bill Kurtis.

The premier on Tuesday will benefit Derrek Lee’s Project 3000. Lee and Boston Celtics CEO and co-owner Wyc Grousbeck “have combined their talents to eradicate a blinding disease, Leber’s congential amaurosis (LCA) that has touched both of their families.”

Project 3000’s five goals are:

  1. To provide hope for families affected with LCA
  2. To provide accurate information to the parents of newly diagnosed patients about what to expect in their child’s case
  3. To find the remaining genes responsible for LCA
  4. To find cures by identifying as many patients as possible, so that clinical trials will never be slowed for lack of sufficient patients
  5. To make genetic testing the standard of care for LCA by demonstrating the value of such testing to doctors and insurance companies across the country.

Contributions to Project 3000 will help reach these goals and make a difference in the lives of the families affected by LCA.

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