Our Salvation

When the White Sox won the 2005 World Series thoughts quickly turned to the Cubs about winning the 2006 crown. After all, Boston won it 2004, then the White Sox, so 2006 had to be the Cubs turn. As we all know, it wasn’t. The 2005 title that was won by the White Sox was a very bitter pill to swallow. For me, it was a nightmare.

As you can tell by my posting name I live in Tinley Park, Illinois. I have lived on the South Side my entire life, from the Midway airport area to Tinley Park. Despite what you hear, the South Side is not 100% Sox fans; actually, there are plenty of Cub fans around to keep me satisfied. I will admit we are outnumbered but it is not a whitewash. Cub nation is everywhere. I am razzed sometimes about being a Cub fan but I have always been silver tongued and cock sure about my affinity and dedication to the Cubs. I have no problem with a Sox fan cheering for his team, but when someone pops off about Cub fans then it gets ugly, usually with me shutting the Sox fan up with my retaliatory way.

As for my nightmare? Monday thru Friday, I take the Rock Island Metra train downtown to work. Unfortunately, the train travels past Jail Cell (U.S. Cellular) field where I have the displeasure of seeing the 2005 World Series Champion sign. It is a daily reminder that I must endure. I know I can’t change the fact that they won, but what can the future do for me that can abate the pain. For me, I would love to see the Cubs win the 2007 Series. That would help. I also would like to see them sweep the White Sox with Michael Barrett running over A.J. Jerkzinski for what would be the winning run. I also would like to see this happen at Wrigley Field so all of us can enjoy this beautiful moment on our home turf. This way the fans of Bridgeport would have to live with the modern day fact that we beat them. How would you, the Faithful, like to see our Cubs win it all? What would define your salvation?

Quote of the Day

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - Albert Einstein