The Changing Season

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, these seasons may be marked by changing temperatures, Holidays, birthdays or just one month turning into another. The human race recognizes four parts of the year, one quarter at a time. While I am technically a member of the human race, I do not always act in accordance with certain beliefs, and seasonal interpretion is just one example. You see, I only recognize two seasons during the year, football and baseball, and there is also a third category, whether or not I can play golf. When I awoke Monday morning, I was stricken with distraught, no Vince Lombardi trophy in my favorite city and a lost opportunity. However, this feeling eventually subsided, and I realized that Monday, February 5th was the first day of a new season, Baseball.

Hours roll into days, days roll into weeks, weeks roll into months….you get the point, I could go on forever. Anyway, time passes so quickly that we lose sight of the small things, and many times those small things are actually the important ones. For most Monday, February 5th, 2007 was another Monday morning, and for these people, the major change of seasons was greatly overlooked. Well, small for some, but big for me, and I am sure many of you. As the final chapter of the football season came to an end, wet ink dropped onto the first page of the 2007 baseball season. And with it a whirlwind of hopes, expectations and dreams were born.

While my dreams about the Bears were washed away by the Miami rain, new dreams were budding underneath the snow and deep freeze in Chicago. As the new season begins, hopes run wild due to a Cubs stove that burned hotter than any before it. Soriano, DeRosa, Lilly, Floyd, and Ward were brought aboard while Prior and Miller return with dreams of their ‘prior’ form. Lee for 162 has a nice ring, but nothing sounds sweeter than A-Ram busting his butt to first after grounding out to second base. Sweet Lou leads the ship with a doctrine of hustle, discipline and heart. Like a once cool stove that burned brightly this off-season, a formerly barren cupboard is now full of promise, the promise of victories, the hopes of a pennant and the dream of a World Series title.

While so many Cubs fans are brimming with pride, a Chicago Sports D.J. and disgruntled White Sox fan Dan McNeil may have summed it best Wednesday during his show on ESPN 1000,

“The Sox go and get a washed-up Darin Erstad and David Aardsma, while the Cubs are poised to win 100 games in the National League Central.”

Well Dan, as a fan of yours and a fan of the Cubs, that may be overstating it a bit, but if you are right, we will need to add some room to the bandwagon this fall.

Cubs’ fans abound with thoughts of the post season and ending the 99 year drought. What will the new baseball season bring with it, well that will be determined by the players on the field from April to October. Which reminds me, April thru October, well that is a great time in itself, 18 holes in the morning and an afternoon at Wrigley Field….you just have to love the changing seasons.

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Stay Classy Cubs Fans

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon