Ramblings Before the Big Game

As I sit here on a cold winter’s day, all I can do is dream of April, a new season and wait for hope to spring eternal as it does every year. It has been awhile since I have rambled and since it is safe to say the Cubs’ hot stove has been relegated to a low simmer, there is plenty to discuss. Spring Training is around the corner and if I strain hard enough, I can see Opening Day. So, without further ado….

  • If Mark Prior and Jason Marquis win over 15 games each, I am going to start throwing a towel on a daily basis.
  • You know those super-cool guys with gelled hair who get all the ladies that you hated in high school, well everyone….meet Ted Lilly.
  • Am I the only one who is scared that neither Eric Patterson nor Felix Pie will ever amount to anything?
  • Da Bears, Da Bears, Da Bears, Ditka, Polish Sausage, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Sausage, Ditka Bus, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears….
  • Sorry, I just snapped out of it.
  • I heard at the Convention that Angel Guzman is having a great off-season and that he found his curveball from two years ago. Where did it go? Did he forget what drawer he put it in?
  • Who will look funnier playing Left Field this year, Floyd or Bonds? I say it is a tossup.
  • Is there anyway that Alfonso Soriano can meet expectations? And is there anyway that Cubs fans are not complaining about his salary in 2011?
  • Remember how much love I gave Ronny, RC Cola, Cedeno last year and talked about how good he would be….yea, that is why I don’t bet on sports.
  • Scott Eyre is funny. He was drinking beer while signing autographs at the Convention. When he finished one can, an adoring fan gave him another one and he said, “Thanks man, I needed that!”
  • Seriously, I will be conducting my own towel drills if those two win15 games, I am not kidding.
  • I would switch places with Steve Carrell right now.
  • I would switch places with….never mind, this could be a long game, but Tom Brady, definitely.
  • Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears.
  • Tiger Woods is good.
  • So long “OC,” your show and theme song will be sorely missed. Come on, when you have 28 year olds playing high school kids, it is always entertaining.
  • I want to see Professional Sports “Survivor.” Every month the team can vote one player off the team, but that probably would not happen. Hey, even Neifi Perez to needs to make a buck, right?
  • No, I do not watch too much TV; I do not care what you say.
  • Did anyone else have to look up half of the Cardinals 2007 starting rotation, WOW, I laughed out loud. Without the World Series, I may not have known who Anthony Reyes was, and Braden Looper as a starter, Cards fans, welcome to our torture.
  • Bears, Bears, Bears, Sausage….knock it off!
  • First Cubs homerun of the year will come from Aramis, book it.
  • Why is Opening Day at Wrigley on Monday, what, was Friday that big of a problem? My whole week is messed up now, cannot wait for that Tuesday.
  • Chicago is buzzing over the Bears, it would be a full-on drunk if this was the Cubs. In fact, it will be more than that; I am not properly outfitted to determine the actual description of that event.
  • Living five blocks from Wrigley without being able to enter for 6 months is just a tease, and not the good kind.
  • Speaking of Wrigley….Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears….
  • I am really excited about Lou and his staff; they were very impressive at the Convention. Lack of hustle, laziness….it is something he cannot fathom; I really do not think this team will have a problem with this.
  • Enjoy the Super Bowl, whether you are a fan of either team playing or not. Next Monday marks the beginning of Sports deadness for six weeks and unless you are an avid golf fan (I am) or NASCAR fan, the 50 days before the Tournament are a long drag!
  • Then again, only 16 days until Pitchers and Catchers report!
  • BEARS!

I apologize for the Bears tangents, but I just cannot help it. It has been 21 years and I am bouncing off the wall. Now, if it was 99 years, I would need a steady dose of tranquilizers and strait jacket in order to make it through that week.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected], and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans

Quote of the Day

"There are places I remember. All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments ... " John Lennon/Paul McCartney