From the Wire….Cubs Avoid Arbitration with Prior

Mark Prior and the Cubs Agreed to 1-year Deal on Wednesday

Updated – 11:00pm C.T. with Additional Info on Prior’s Contract

According to a report on, Mark Prior and the Cubs avoided arbitration on Wednesday by agreeing to a 1-year deal worth $3.575 million and he could earn an additional $150,000 each for making 27 and 30 starts according to a report on Prior was asking for $3.875 million and the Cubs offered $3.4 million, he made $3.65 million in 2006.

With Prior agreeing to his new contract, Carlos Zambrano is the only arbitration eligible player left without a new contract.

Will update when more information becomes available….

Update – According to a report by Jon Heyman on, Prior could receive an additional $125,000 if he is named Comeback Player of the Year.

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