From the Wire….Schmidt to the Dodgers

According to multiple reports the Dodgers and free agent pitcher Jason Schmidt have agreed to a 3-year, $47 million dollar contract. The Cubs were rumored to be a front-runner, along with the Cardinals and Mariners, to land the services of Schmidt.

Updated 5:30pm C.T.According to a report on ESPN and XM Radio, the agent for Ted Lilly, Larry O’Brien, has stated that Lilly has narrowed down his search to the Cubs and Yankees. Most feel the Yankees are waiting on Andy Pettitte to make up his mind if he is going to pitch in 2007 and where. A report on ESPN has indicated the Yankees could sign Lilly and trade off their excess pitching for position players.

Several reports are indicating that both Ted Lilly and Gil Meche could announce who their new club will be as soon as Wednesday night. A rumored deal of 4 years, $35 million is on the table from the Cubs to Meche and Lou Piniella was on XM Radio on Wednesday afternoon and mentioned the Cubs have two offers to two pitchers on the table….he did not mention who or how much.

Chuck Wilson on XM Radio is reporting Lilly will likely end up with the Cubs with the rumored 4-year deal in the $40 million dollar range. Wilson is also reporting that Andy Pettitte is planning on playing in 2007 and maybe 2008 and the Yankees are pushing to resign him.

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