A Rainy Night in Ohio

The CCO is just not about the Cubs it is about the Faithful as well….the best fans in professional sports PERIOD. Toward the end of the season I posted a quick note on the site and mentioned that during the off-season the CCO would be running a ‘CCO Feedback’ column from time to time. Here is the latest entry and if anyone is interested in having a column of their own, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Ron Santo, Bob Brenly and Len Kasper have very good reputations. Nick Schroer sent the following for all to enjoy….

I guess I can describe the night a little. It was so surreal. All three of those men are GREAT guys.

Friday night we had our company party at Great American Ball Park. Our company rented out the Sky Box, which happened to be next to the press box on the other side of the Cubs Broadcast booth. When going up to the Sky Box and Booths there was a patio outside before entered the booths. This was mainly where everyone went to have a smoke.

When we first got up there, one of my best friends that also works with me, came running up to me and said, “You will never guess who I just met, I just met Bob Brenly, I got a picture with him but I forgot to save the picture!!!” I assured him that he would see him again. I just had a good feeling about the night.

The end of the fifth inning rolled around and they brought out the tarps. My friend and I decided to head out to the patio and puff on a couple cigars. When we walked through the doors we saw Brenly walking around talking on his cell phone. When he was off the phone he walked up to us and said, “How are you guys doing tonight?” That is when we got our first picture with him. We asked him if we could get a picture and sign our programs, he said, “Sure, no problem at all.” He asked us if we were with the group that was sitting in the Sky Box area. After we told him yes, he said, “You guys have it made over there, your own private bar and food huh?” I told him he is more than welcome to come over for a drink. That is when he surprised me. He told us, “I can’t right now, but once the game is officially called, I might take you up on that offer.”

Well the next time he came out our wives were out there with us. He did the same thing as before, went and talked on the cell phone, this time he approached us. He said, “So I take these are your wives?” And then he proceeded to introduce himself. He was so down to earth and a pleasure to talk to, he really has a love for the game. He came out a couple more times and each time came over and talked to us.

Finally the game was called. They called last call at the bar so everyone went and grabbed one more drink. As my friend and I were walking in we saw Mr. Ron Santo walking out. This was the third time we have met him, and it was still one of the greatest moments. We asked for a picture and he said, “Sure, come on over.” He is such a great guy, always has time for his fans.

Not even five minutes later Len Kasper came walking out. As we asked for his picture, he said, “Sure, you guys were the guys Bob was talking to?” As he walked away he told us it is always a pleasure to meet Cubs fans in visiting cities.

Yes the game was rained out, and the Cubs lost, but I think I honestly forgot about there being a game that night. I cannot say enough good things about all of them. I was a fan of Bob and Len before, but I am a HUGE fan of them now. All three of them could of blown us off, but they didn’t, they really acted like they enjoyed meeting us.

I cannot describe in words how I was feeling that night on the way home. With a season filled with so many disappointments, this was definitely the greatest moment of the season for me.

Nick Schroer





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