Etching Your Name in Stone

I received a very interesting gift this Holiday season from my mother. She got wind of the fact the Cubs were selling bricks as part of their “Brick Paver Program.” These bricks will be installed permanently around Wrigley Field causing many folks to peruse two city blocks full of small rectangular-shaped items with a message etched in each one. I received my notice in the mail and have until Sunday to decide what I want my brick to say. The trick is that you are limited to three lines with no more than 15 characters on each line including spaces and punctuation, and invariably the last line is your full name, so you have two lines to get creative. Man, have I had one hell of a time brainstorming, and I am stumped. As you will see below, I have not had any trouble coming up with your “not-so-original” lines. I have also had a good time figuring out what some celebrities might say if they were afforded this opportunity.

The Not-So-Original Bricks

Go Cubs Go
I love you (insert name)

Holy Cow!
Cubs Win!

Hey Hey
Whatta say

It Might be
It could be

Hey Arne
Check out the….

Peanuts and Cra (Ran out of space)
Go Cubs

A Dying Fan’s
Last Request

I am in
So much pain

100 years
And counting

200 years
And Counting

Lets Get
Some Runs

Time To Stretch
Go Cubs

Wait ’til
Next Year

Beer Here
Beer Here

The biggest bar
In Chicago

Bricks from Celebrities

Hell Froze Over
-The Devil

I am Chicago
Go Cubs
-Jim Belushi

No, I am Chicago
Go Cubs
-John Cusack

Go Cubs
-Bill Murray

I did not
With that team
-Bill Clinton

Who, what
-George W. Bush

Not a Governor
A Cubs Fan
-Rod Blagoevich

Jennifer Aniston
and the Cubs
-Vince Vaughn

(sorry for the loss Vince)

No Charge
No Charge
-Joan Cusack

I like Cubs
I like Cubs
-The Burger King

Chocolate Peanuts
Soar over….
-The Snickers Guy

Bears, Sausage
Ditka, Sausage
-Chris Farley

Go Braves
-Chip Caray

100 years!
-Homer Simpson

Go Cubs
-Arthur Fonzarel (no more room)

How you doin?
Go Cubs
-Joey Tribiani

This Place Is
My Dream
-Beer Vendor

I should come
Here more often
-Hugh Hefner

And my favorite….

Resiewdub a
Em evig
-Harry Caray

Thanks for tagging along on that little journey, feel free to include your own thoughts and ideas and maybe, just maybe my brick will look something like this….

Stay Classy
Cubs Fans
-Brian McCabe

Quote of the Day

"You can’t sit on a lead and kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game." - Earl Weaver