Lilly Close?

According to several reports the Cubs have an offer on the table for lefty Ted Lilly. The rumor started on Friday with a report in the Metro News in Toronto and gained more steam with a report in the Toronto Star. Such rumors are often just that this time of year but a late report Friday on has given the reports more credibility. According to the report in the Metro, Lilly is “on the verge of agreeing to a 4-year, $37.5 million dollar deal.”

The report on states similar information that was on both reports out of Toronto on Friday morning. Lilly’s agent, Larry O’Brien, stated that Lilly and the Cubs are past preliminary discussions and they have received an offer but are planning on possibly “coming back with a counter offer.” O’Brien is planning on meeting with Jim Hendry, J.P. Ricciardi (Blue Jays GM) and a couple of other clubs next week at the Winter Meetings.

Lilly thinks the Cubs have a realistic chance at winning with the recent moves they have made. According to two of the reports, O’Brien is using the deal Jarrod Washburn signed last season….4 years, $37 million.

The Blue Jays did offer arbitration to Ted Lilly on Friday…Lilly is a Type B free agent.

Ted Lilly’s stats from

PDF File from the Metro (page 27)

Will update if more information becomes available but according to two of the reports Lilly is likely not to sign with a team until the Winter Meetings next week in Orlando.

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