Giving Thanks

In three short weeks I will sit down at a table of family and friends to stuff my face full of everything I can get a hold of with my chubby fingers. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, bread, corn, bread, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, bread and both white and dark meat, I like it all. After that is said and done, I will retire to the couch for some football and snoring. The next day I will get up and eat two cold turkey sandwiches for breakfast and take a morning nap with a smile on my face. However, before this wonderful 24 hour experience can begin, I will be forced to say something for which I am thankful. This always gets me, I can never think of anything, never. Of course I am thankful for my family, my friends and my health, but I need to be original. What can I say? This is so hard I think I am dosing off….getting sleepy….think I may have had turkey today….

Wait, that is it, I am going to say I am thankful for the Cubs. I am thankful for Jim Hendry and John McDonough and Lou Piniella. I am thankful that these three men have turned around the lovable losers. I am thankful they had a monstrous off-season.

I am thankful for Alfonso Soriano patrolling the beautiful ivy in center field. I am thankful they gave Matt Murton the chance he deserved. I am thankful that we were able to trade Jacque Jones for Gary Sheffield. I am thankful we have an outfield of all ages and experiences that hit 90 homeruns. I am thank for a right fielder who can throw runners out at the plate.

I am thankful that Aramis Ramirez re-upped with the Cubs and added his own hustle clause. I am thankful that Cesar Izturis fielded everything within 50 feet. I am thankful that management wised up and gave Theriot the chance he earned last season, even though he had a middle of the road minor league average. I am thankful that Derrek Lee kept up his promise and did not miss ONE inning the entire season.

I am thankful the Cubs locked up Barry Zito for six years. Watching him play the guitar in the Wrigleyville beer gardens is simply a pleasure. I am thankful we signed one pitcher whose name I could not pronounce. Wow, the musical scene in the beer garden was so much better with Zito strumming the guitar and Daisuke singing Karoake. I am telling you, the beer gardens were overflowing. I am thankful Mark Prior is throwing 97 mph again without pain. I am thankful that Rich Hill became Rich Hill, you should see it. I am thankful that Scott Eyre is healthy and that Bobby Howry is on a mission. I am thankful that Ryan Dempster returned to his old form and just got it all out of his system last year.

I am thankful that Michael Barrett healed, but probably not as thankful as he is. I am thankful Hank White decided to keep wearing Cubbie Blue.

(….Snoring, snoring, wait, huh, waking up now….wiping the sleep out of my eyes)

“Whoa, just woke up, sorry.”

“Wow, how long have I been sleeping.”

“Two weeks, wow that is a long time, must be on Dusty’s schedule.”

“You need to hear about the dream I just had.”

“I know I know, crazy right, Daisuke and Barry were singing Karaoke outside of Murphy’s Bleachers, it was awesome.”

“What song you ask?”

“Well what else would one sing on a cold, late October night in Chicago?”

“What a beautiful season.”

Yep, that is what I am going to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, the beautiful, upcoming season of 2007. There may be a cool, crisp breeze blowing in early November, but it will feel so much better next October.

And to answer your question, yes, I am still sleeping.

Thanks for reading, feel free to contact me at [email protected]….

Sweet Dreams Cubs Fans

And as always, Stay Classy!!!

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne