Food for Thought

As America hits the road on the busiest travel day of the year and heads off to a predetermined destination to reunite with family and friends….what moves the Cubs will make next will be in the back of all of the Faithful’s minds this weekend and the conversation will undoubtedly turn to the Cubs at some point over the next few days. Some of the conversation might start out with, “Can you believe they actually signed Soriano?” or “Is Soriano worth that much?” or “Didn’t you think Ramirez was going to leave?” And that is what makes all of the moves Jim Hendry has made over the past 10 days so great….the Cubs are the hot topic of conversation in November.

This off-season is making last year look like child’s play, yes the Cubs made moves last year but the excitement level was no where near where it is right now….and rightfully so. Jim Hendry has made the Cardinals’ fans nervous and mad, the Astros’ fans nervous and mad and the Brewers fans….well they are just plain nervous. Could the team that has always been the butt of everyone’s joke actually be a winner next season and beyond? Several reports have indicated that baseball’s popularity and attendance is at all-time highs. But if the Cubs were a contending team next season, baseball’s attendance would continue to break records and the revenues for all of the road teams on their schedule would be immeasurable.

Enjoy those heated debates with those members of your family that may be White Sox or Cardinals’ fans. Enjoy basking in the glory of your favorite team landing the two biggest names on the free agent market….and just enjoy being a Cubs’ fan.

So while you argue whether the Cubs should sign Gil Meche or Ted Lilly with your uncle or if Mark Prior will be healthy enough or not to pitch next season with your grandfather, remember this is what is great about the game of baseball. No matter what is going on in your life or with your family there is still baseball….and that conversation will never end.

Giving Thanks from 11/03/06

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at the CCO….

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne