The BIG One

Over the past 8 days Jim Hendry has spent a reported $231 million dollars and has instilled an enthusiasm that has arguably not been seen in any off-season in the history of the organization. The Cubs have signed a free agent in his prime and in fact have signed two of the biggest names, offensively, of this free agent class. The nickname Ken Rosenthal threw out on Saturday says it all….Jim Spendry. Did the Cubs over spend for Alfonso Soriano, probably, but how much is a championship worth?

Think about it for a minute….fans are complaining about this signing and these are the ones that have complained over and over again that the Cubs do not spend money or sign free agents in their prime. These are the same fans that complained about Bobby Howry and Scott Eyre last season. Guess what those contracts are now considered market value for relief pitchers of their caliber. Look at what the Reds just spent for Alex Gonzalez (3 years, $14 million) and while Gonzalez is probably the best defensively at his position in the league, his offense let’s just say is less than desirable….and he only plays shortstop. The Cubs landed Mark DeRosa for around the same amount of money (3 years, $13 million) and he can play any position except for pitcher and catcher. Granted he is coming off a career year but Gonzalez is one year removed from his career year in average and OBP but his power numbers have been on the decline for the past two seasons. Let’s not spend anytime on the $4 million dollar deal that Joey Cora just signed.

Major League Baseball has apparently more money than the teams know what to do with….it is good to see the Cubs spending some of it!!!

Derrek Lee – $65 million dollars
Aramis Ramirez – $75 million dollars
Alfonso Soriano – $136 million dollars

A chance to end the longest draught in all of professional sports – PRICELESS

Worry about what if and tomorrow, then….Enjoy the signing and all of the possibility now.

The official announcement from the Cubs is expected later on Monday after Soriano passes his physical. So while the Faithful wait for the deal to become official….feel free to use this article to leave your thoughts about the Soriano signing or what moves the Cubs should make with the starting rotation….and don’t forget the Forum is up and working.

There are other moves on the horizon….this is just the beginning and the CCO will be there every step of the every exciting way!!!

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne