Meet the New Boss?

Could a Cubs’ fan actually own the Cubs? According to several reports from all over the country, it is a possibility. Chicago’s own Jerry Colangelo is interested in buying the Cubs if the Tribune Company puts the team on the market. The speculation the Cubs were for sale has been floating around for many months now but what is interesting about Colangelo becoming a candidate is someone has actually put a time line on the possible sale and it could come before the first of the year.

More on Colangelo and the Cubs….plus more info on the Juan Pierre signing by the Dodgers.

Jerry Colangelo…. Colangelo, 67, was born on the Southside of Chicago and grew up a Cubs’ fan. He is in the NBA Hall of Fame and owned the Arizona Diamondbacks when they won the World Series in 2001. He is a winner and knows how to build one, although some have questioned his tactics. He spends the money to build the winner, something the Tribune Company has not done until recently. Colangelo was raised in Chicago Heights and according to Mark Gonzales in the Tribune has been “keeping an eye on the ownership status of the Cubs” before he bought the Arizona Diamondbacks franchise back in 1995.

The Cubs have not officially been put on the market but several interested buyers in the last few months have stepped forward. But Colangelo’s interest takes the bidding to a new level. This would be very different from a Donald Trump or a Mark Cuban buying the Cubs, this would be a fan, one of us, stepping up and paying millions upon millions to own his favorite team….it would obviously be a dream come true for Colangelo and one that should be welcomed by the Faithful.

Reports on Colangelo’s interest from various outlets:

The Arizona Republic
The New York Times
Chicago Sun-Times

Juan Pierre…. Well at least the signings of Juan Pierre (5 years, $44 million) and Gary Matthews, Jr. (5 years, $50 million) have taken the headlines away from the Cubs’ signing of Alfonso Soriano. Most critics dismissed the Soriano signing as being foolish and too long but when Pierre and Matthews signed their deals….all was forgotten with respect to the Cubs. The L.A. newspapers are having a “field day” with the two signings and respected columnists, such as Buster Olney, are reporting that baseball executives are calling the Pierre signing “the worst financial move of the off-season….so far.” The Faithful saw it last season, a lot of heart, hard worker, great character and teammate but his OBP is the worst in the league for a leadoff hitter, he refuses to take a walk and his arm, well he can cover ground but how many times did runners go from 1st to 3rd on a single to center last season? Pierre does not fit with the Dodgers and if he does not work out the Dodgers have former Cubs’ hitting coach, Gene Clines, to blame for it. Clines is the new roving outfielder and base-running instructor for the Dodgers. According to a report in the L.A. Times, Clines persuaded Pierre to sign with the Dodgers….that and the 5-year deal that Ned Colletti offered.

Well, that’s the latest and I’m sticking to it!!!

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