Rambling for a New Manager

That is right ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the off-season’s first installment of “Ramblings.” For those not familiar with this style, I basically ramble one or two sentences at a time about thoughts that have gone through my mind about our beloved Cubs. These rambling thoughts took place from the Sunday before Dusty was let go until Thursday afternoon. Some are original, many are shared, and few are funny, but without further ado, here I go rambling for a new manager.

– They are going to keep Dusty; I am so scared they are going to keep him. They cannot keep him….they might keep, oh man, I hope they don’t keep him.

– Whew, they did not keep him, big relief, I thought they were going to keep him.

– YES, the Marlins let go of Girardi, sweet. Joey G. is coming home, I cannot wait.

– What the…. Lou Piniella? Girardi is right there, hire Girardi.

– Bruce BOCHY! Get outta here….

– Bob Brenly did win a World Series, with JOHNSON AND SCHILLING! Well he still did win a World Series.

– Pat Listach, anyone remember Jerome Walton? Can you believe Listach beat out Kenny Lofton for Rookie of the Year, and Kenny Lofton is still playing?

– They are not really going to hire Piniella are they?

– Yep, they are going to hire Piniella.

– They just hired Piniella.

– You know, Chicago has about 2,478 hair salons and barbers, yet Jim Hendry cannot locate ANY of them. Am I the only person who is terribly annoyed by the man’s hair? I mean seriously, use a comb or something.

– Jacque Jones has a torn labrum. Ah, yes, that is why he continually threw the ball straight into the ground from right field last year.

– JJ elected to rehab the torn labrum instead of having surgery to repair it. I am not Dr., but….Um…., do torn muscles reattach themselves automatically?

– Mark Prior may not be ready for Spring Training. It is friggin’ OCTOBER still and he is already throwing in the towel, HA, you like what I did there, “throwing the towel.” Man I am clever.

– Remember when the Tigers hired Leyland and he seemed clueless. He said he knew very little about the organization or the American league, but he hoped to learn? Did anyone else think Sweet Lou came across the same way….? What Goat? Oh Sweet Lou, let’s hope you make up for it the same way Leyland did.

– Alfonso Soriano in center, excuse me for a second, but that is exciting and we get to keep Murton.

– I love Matt Murton, I know he needs better power numbers, but I don’t want to give up on him. The outfield needs the pop and that could mean Carlos Lee, but Murton, don’t give up on Murton.

– Can we trade JJ for a 5th starter? I would totally do that if we can.

– What happened to the OC, it was the biggest show on TV two years ago and now it is gone, or at least that is what my sister told me. Sorry about that one.

– We are not going to get A-Rod; I am not even going to think about this one….

– Is anyone else as excited as I am to watch the Cubs soap opera next year….? “Like Sands through the hour glass, so go the days of A-Ram and Lou.” This one is going to be good, daily fun folks, daily fun.

– How is Michael Barrett doing? I have not heard and I am curious? I mean, as a man, is there a more stomach churning, leg crossing injury than the one he endured? I hope he is okay.

– About 6% of the rumors I hear this off-season will actually happen.

– Are we really going to spend $115 million? I hope so; we could resign A-Ram and get Soriano and Schmidt with that money.

– Hendry said they have scouted Asia very thoroughly the past few years and they will be players for the big Japanese pitcher whose name I cannot spell

– “Scouting Asia,” that reminds me….
“Choi to the World, Choi to World, Choi to the fishes in the Deep Blue Sea, we got Derrek Lee.”

– What ever happened to Hee-Seop Choi?

– Alfonso Soriano in center field really excites me.

– All of a sudden I am a lot more excited about Lou Piniella than I was when they hired him.

– I cannot wait to see Sweet Lou chucking bases and kicking dirt around Wrigley, man will that be a pleasant change from Dusty.

– Cubs fans, the new word is “Accountability.” Get used to it; you might actually see this word in action next season.

– No, no, no, I am not kissing up to Lou, I am just saying he at least has that factor going for him.

– Game 7 is about to start, GO METS! I do not care what you think about New York or the Mets, but come ON, it is St. Louis, go METS!

– The Fox pre-game announcers were just talking about the possible impact that Steve Trachsel may have on the outcome of the game. I laughed out loud….my stomach would be flipping over itself if I were a Mets fan.

– Over/Under on number of starts for Mark Prior next year is 12….let me know your thoughts.

– Sweet Lou, oh Sweet Lou, oh dear please Sweet Lou; oh please dear Manager of the Cubs Sweet Lou….!!

Well, those are many of my rambling thoughts as a Cubs fan over the past few weeks. Lou Piniella is an accomplished manager with a World Series Title. Granted there is not much more after that one World Series, but there is fire and there is passion and those two ingredients seem to have been missing for quite some time. I, among other Cubs fan, welcome those factors back to Chicago and back into the 3rd base dugout at 1060 W. Addison.

Thanks for reading, feel free to share your thoughts below or drop me a line at [email protected], and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!!

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne