A New Approach

He is a marketing guru, an advertising genius and the brainchild behind the modern day Fan Convention. During his illustrious career, John McDonough has experienced a great deal of success. However, everyone keeps talking about his lack of baseball experience. I say, “SO WHAT!” The last guy came in here with two World Series titles over a five year span. MacPhail arrived as a lifelong baseball man, the third generation of Hall of Fame baseball executives and a respected individual. Twelve years later, he leaves without achieving the ultimate goal. We have hired old players, old coaches and old scouts to run the show; still none have produced the Trophy. Decades and decades of tried and true baseball boys have failed, so why not try something else.

Great leaders have very discernable qualities in life and in business. Many people in the corporate world report to managers who are not as educated or intelligent as he or she is. Why does this happen? Well there are a myriad of answers to that question, but many times it is because of certain individual qualities. I believe leaders are born and not made. Leaders always ask how something can be done better, and if they cannot do it themselves, they find someone who can. Leaders are not complacent, they are not jaded and they are forever focused. At any company there are plenty of people sitting in cubicles who know more about the business or industry than the CEO. Successful companies do not place 100% of the emphasis on knowledge, but instead on specific people and their qualities.

The Cubs have spent the last few generations counting on baseball people to “right the ship” and take them to the Promised Land. The Cubs have hired coaches and players with past success, only to see them come up short in the blue pinstripes. They have drafted players with amazing talent, but little drive. They have drafted players with raw talent and true heart, but bad luck. The Cubs have traded for big name players only to watch them on the downside of their careers.

The team with the best players does not always win the big game. There were multiple NFL teams who had more talent than the Steelers last year, but the Steelers turned out to be the best team when it mattered most. Dusty was right about one thing, the Cubs need to lose the ‘lovable losers’ tag. Attitude is one of the most important ingredients to success. Without a successful attitude, an individual will not achieve his or her goals.

Accountability is another major ingredient to success. For the past few seasons, accountability has been lacking in the organization. The same player made three errors in one inning this season, but was left in the game. Players were allowed to call up to the broadcast booth and complain about the television criticism. The best color analyst in the game lost his job because he publicly questioned the manager’s decision during the collapse of 2004. This behavior is detrimental to success; however, it was continually accepted.

Leaders do not accept mediocrity. Leaders respond to accountability. Leaders do not displace blame. Leaders succeed. John McDonough has been very successful over the past 23 years in the Cubs organization. At no point was he responsible for the talent on the field, he was only responsible for getting people to go watch the talent on the field. Granted, he had a great marketing tool in Wrigley Field, however there are plenty of beautiful, but empty stadiums across the country. Based on results, John McDonough has been successful; let’s just hope he is also a Leader.

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Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax