Prior’s Shoulder Examined….Rothschild Signed for 2 Years

Mark Prior had shoulder examined on Monday – Larry Rothschild Signed a New 2-Year Deal on Tuesday – An Update on Jacque Jones

According to a report by Paul Sullivan in the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday afternoon, Mark Prior had his shoulder examined on Monday by orthopedic specialist Dr. James Andrews. Andrews found Prior has some looseness in his shoulder joints and trainer Mark O’Neal said it is genetic. O’Neal stated that the looseness is one of the things that makes Prior a very good pitcher but that same looseness is what can cause problems. When asked if Prior will be ready for Spring Training, according to Sullivan’s report: “That’s to be determined”.

The same report stated that Larry Rothschild has signed a new 2-year contract to be the pitching coach for Lou Piniella.

The report on Prior goes on to state that “surgery is not currently an option and is the last resort” because of mixed results the surgery can have.

Jacque Jones is apparently in San Diego with Mark Prior’s trainer working on strengthening his right labrum 3-5 days a week. Jones is not going to have surgery at this time.

Well, that’s the updated news…and I’m sticking to it!!

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