A Trip in the Way-Back Machine

1989, what a year, what a team, but unfortunately another playoff disappointment. However, thanks to the Box office smash “The Boys of Zimmer” I am never more than a ‘play button’ away from reliving some great moments and fantastic memories. This is not a fancy DVD, but a VHS tape in a ratty old red and blue box that take the pole position on my movie shelf. This column reflects my love of the movie, my love of the Cubs and the reappearance of the fourth greatest Cubs song in history.

Now, in no particular order, my favorite moments from the 1989 season:

– Mitch Williams loading the basis in the ninth inning on Opening Day at Wrigley, and then striking out three guys in a row, including Mike Schmidt, to win.

– Rick Sutcliffe starting 4-0 and reminding us all of 1984.

– Mike Bielecki, need I say more, MIKE BIELECKI.

– Ryne Sandberg’s 90 errorless games IN A ROW.

– Mark Grace’s emergence as a great player and a beloved citizen of Chicago.

– Andre Dawson tying a Cubs record with 8 straight hits.

– Lloyd McClendon hitting a homerun in his first Cubs at bat.

– Dwight Smith coming out of nowhere to be awesome.

– Jerome Walton’s 30 game hitting streak, a Cubs record, oh where have you gone Jerome?

– Doug Dascenzo catching EVERYTHING hit to the outfield for three weeks.

– Rick Wrona’s 9th inning squeeze bunt to beat the Giants on National television.

– Les Lancaster’s double to score Marvelle Wynn from first in extra innings.

– Luis Salazar’s double down the right field line to score Andre Dawson from 1st. Dunston was waiting for the Hawk and as he crossed the plate, Shawon jumped in to his arms and the two of them jumped around. Great stuff!

– Harry Caray being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

– Don Zimmer, enough said.

– Greg Maddux winning 19 games.

– Sandberg tying a Cubs’ record by homering in five straight games.

– Dwight Smith singing the National Anthem against the Giants.

– Game 2 of the playoff series

– Mark Grace’s walk-off homerun to into the right field bleachers to beat the Mets.

– The Cubs coming back from a 9-0 deficit against the Astros at Wrigley. Harry lost it 10 times over the last three innings. And of course….

– Mitch Williams striking out Mike Lansing to win the Division in Montreal.

And finally the lyrics from the fourth best Cubs song of all time behind “Go Cubs Go,” “Holy Mackerel,” and “A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Requst.”

The Cubbies are rockin’ all over town
There’s a new sensation and it’s really coming down
North of Chicago, Waveland Avenue
There’s magic in the air, a new point of view
It’s been a long time, too many years
Too many losses and too many tears
But that’s all over now, gonna give it to you straight
The Cubbies are winning and man it feels great

Cubbies are rocking, na….na….na, na, na
Cubbies are rocking, na….na….na, na, na

Walton and Smith, man they got speed
With Sandberg and Grace what more do we need
Bielecki and Maddux firing away
Sutcliffe on the mound what more can we say
Now Mitch is the man, Wild Thing is his name
He comes in late to save that game
Throws to Damon or Joe behind the plate
They call him safe before it gets too late

Cubbies are rocking, na….na….na, na, na
Cubbies are rocking, na….na….na, na, na

Now Shawon is the man
And then there’s Andre Dawson
Talking about the man and they call Awesome
Now Vance is the law, and Les has the zeroes
And Popeye’s the man that leads our heroes
Then there is Harry and Steve, now HOLY COW
The Cubbies are ready, ready right now
Going all the way in this windy old town
The Cubbies are rockin’, gonna win that CROWN!

Cubbies are rocking, na….na….na, na, na
Cubbies are rocking, na….na….na, na, na

Please feel free to share your favorite memories in the comments below or feel free to send me an email.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the ‘way back’ machine, though it wasn’t that far back, and feel free to contact me at [email protected], and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!!

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax