Rambling On a Winning Feeling

Here I go again on my own, putting my random thoughts down on a piece of paper and ripping off ‘Whitesnake’ at the same time. Below are just some observations and rants from the past month of baseball on the Northside and I wanted to bring them to you, readers of the CCO, the Cubs Faithful.

– Was anyone else really mad when The Blizzard of Oz won the All-Star game on luck?

– I still cannot believe the Dodgers gave us Izturis.

– If Carlos keeps it up and does not win the Cy Young there should be a Congressional investigation.

– Did everyone see that JJ has been receiving racially charged hate mail, those people should be ashamed of themselves, there is absolutely NOTHING classy about that and it should not be tolerated under the law.

– That was the Rich Hill I have been hearing about for two years. A few more starts like that and I will have a pitcher of Rich Hill-aide right next to my blue Cubbie drink.

– Just wait until Carlos Marmol actually learns how to pitch, he may get so good, he actually disappoints everyone in the end, because this is the Cubs.

– What is with the rampant oblique straining going on in the MLB this year, seriously? I have rarely ever heard of it before and then Pujols and Prior along with Marshall and all others. Either I have had my head way up there for the past few seasons or this is a new trend.

– If Barrett had a little more power, HE could be the answer in left field, but no matter what, he needs to stay on this team, he is hitting .332.

– Not that anyone cares, but after close to 300 live games, I caught my first foul ball on Tuesday night off of the bat of John Mabry. And there were not any kids around, so I kept it.

– Is anyone else as torn as I am over Matt Murton? I don’t want to give up on him, but we need more than what he has shown, and I think he may have it, but how long do we wait? The Mets waited two years with Jose Reyes and now he is an All-Star.

– This heat wave is destroying me, I mean 5 days in a row of heat indices above 110 degrees, unreal. I really felt for the vendors the past few games, it must have been unbearable. (As I am typing this the game is supposed to start in ten minutes and it is pouring, so at least the heat wave is coming to an end in Chicago)

– I bought a new Cubs visor today, yea, I admit it, I like visors. Not five years ago, but today, when people wear them normal, not upside down and backwards with blonde streaks in their hair, NOT that there is anything wrong with that.

– I think we should just let Derrek Lee sit the rest of the season, unless we win 20 out of our next 25 games. Realistically though, he needs to recover and be ready to go next March.

– What are the odds that the ’07 Spring Training starts with five starting pitchers that are all healthy? What would you give it? Remember, everything you hear is ‘lip service’ until it actually happens.

– The Cardinals sweep reminded me of the glorious five game series in September of ’03. I will go to my grave saying that Alou’s line drive down the left field line was fair and it should have been a five game sweep. NO, I am not still bitter.

– I almost walked right into Jim Henry today, for those that care. I was walking down Clark around 2:00 and he was headed into a local food establishment for some grub. At the very least, he is a nice guy, always polite. He is the kind of guy you get so angry with, but when you meet him, you almost feel bad, but then you think about the Cubs and get mad again.

I hope you all enjoyed the monthly installment of ramblings from Wrigleyville. Thanks for reading, feel free to post a comment or drop me a line at [email protected], and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!!!

Quote of the Day

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein