Who is the Greatest?

Muhammad Ali, who was the epitome of greatness, told everyone who would listen repeatedly, “I am the greatest of all time”. With that being said, MLB.com is asking fans to decide who is the single greatest player in a franchise’s history….just one that is it. The debate as they refer to it is called “Hometown Heroes” and they are asking fans to vote between now and September 17th.

There are 5 nominees per club, 150 total and the nominees for the Chicago Cubs are: Ernie Banks, Ferguson Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg, Ron Santo and Billy Williams. So who is the Greatest Chicago Cub of All-Time?

I was listening to Colin Cowherd Tuesday morning on ESPN Radio and he had a very heated debate on who is the best from all of the teams. I listen to Cowherd on a regular basis and while I do not always agree with him, his honesty is very refreshing. There was not a consensus by his callers as to who is the greatest to ever wear Cubbie blue, so I thought this might be a good discussion during the day of a night game.

Major League Baseball will announce their winners during the final week of the regular season and will be done during a three part original series on ESPN called “DHL Presents Major League Baseball Hometown Heroes” and will air September 26th, September 27th and September 29th. Here is the official release from MLB.com and the list of nominees.

Of course the “Hometown Heroes” is sponsored by DHL and will be a part of a huge advertising campaign that will include television, print, radio and online promotions. There will also be over 800 DHL vehicles with the “Hometown Heroes” logo on them in cities such as Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco and St. Louis. Fans can vote online or at the ballpark.

This vote and debate is not sponsored by anyone but you. Who does the Cubs Faithful think is the greatest Cub of All-Time? Let your voice and reason be heard. Send a link to all of your friends that are Cubs fans that may be unaware of the CCO and ask them to participate. Don’t feel limited to just those that have been nominated by MLB, if there is another Cub you feel more worthy, then mention them and tell everyone why.

Leave your opinion and go vote at MLB.com….My Heroes have always been baseball players, how about you?

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne