Nothing, absolutely nothing is happening on the Northside of Chicago, I listened to the radio, read all the news and believe me, there is nothing happening, all is quiet on the Cubbie front. Wednesday was rumored to be the day that Jim Hendry was to make his decision concerning the future of Dusty Baker, well Wednesday has come and gone and Hendry did say on Wednesday that he has no timeframe on making a decision about Dusty. The day that started with the puzzling news about Carlos Zambrano being hit in the arm by Joey Cora ended with absolutely nothing.

So I am going to write about absolutely nothing, feel free to read it you want….but this article comes with a boredom warning and I cannot be responsible for the lack of content contained within, please do not enjoy….

First of all how does someone get hit with a bat doing an interview? Who was not paying attention? Didn’t anyone notice someone (Cora) swinging this thing (a bat) in the general area in which they were standing? When I heard about Zambrano on Wednesday morning, I literally had to read it three times and then I checked to make sure I was not on The Heckler website….I bet those guys wish they could have made that one up. Could there actually be any truths to that whole goat thing? Brian and I spoke about it on Wednesday and while I am not superstitious, except for on the ball field, and do not believe in conspiracy theories, I am actually beginning to wonder.

Right after a heard about Zambrano on Wednesday, John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” came on the radio….How cool is that song? “Put me in coach I’m ready to play”….it made me feel a little better as I was trying to comprehend what was happening.

And speaking of songs about baseball, did anyone catch Bob Dylan’s “Old Time Radio” on XM Radio a while back that was devoted solely to baseball, it was very cool, lots of old songs and Dylan kinda singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”….that would be a great guest conductor of the 7th inning stretch.

I know he is a New York Met, but how exciting of a player is David Wright? Great glove and great bat and only 23 years old….WOW!!!! Speaking of young players, Rich Hill threw 2 innings on Wednesday for the Pacific Coast League All-Stars and gave up a hit, a walk and struck out 2, faced 8 batters and did not give up a run.

I was so disappointed the National League lost again, I have always been a bigger fan of the NL than the AL….I just cannot root for the other league. Maybe it has something to do with the White Sox….nah, the NL is just better, right?

The Astros traded two Double-A prospects to the Devil Rays for Aubrey Huff and cash. He would have looked very good in Cubbie blue during April, May and June.

As much negative press that Jim Hendry and Dusty Baker have gotten, I am surprised it has taken this long for Andy MacPhail to enter into the ring.

And talking about cruelty, it took me over ten years to “convert” my wife from being a Sox fan to being a Cubs’ fan….needless to say the couch has become quite comfortable.

Does anyone else watch “Major League” or “Fever Pitch” and think….someday, someday?!?!?! Maybe Jim Belushi could come out with another movie.

Baseball movies….most of my DVD collection is baseball related….I know surprise, surprise, but which one is the best of All-Time? ESPN Radio was discussing this topic the other day and they mentioned several but left out the “Bad News Bears”, how could that happen? The original “Bad News Bears”, not the one where they ended up in the Astrodome and Bob Watson showed up on the field, but the original….that was exactly what my Little League was like, I even had the coach with the beer….maybe that was the first “reality” movie.

Vince Vaughn….how cool is this guy and a Cub fan to boot.

Remember if you read this, I warned you. I said this was going to be boring. Seinfeld made a career and a fortune out of nothing and this was all I could come up with. So while we all wait for the real news and games to resume maybe we could all catch up with the latest installment of “I Love the 70’s” on VH1. If there is nothing you would like to discuss, feel free to….it has to be better that what I came up with.

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne