A Day In the Life


Hello, good to see you. It is 1:15 pm CST on Thursday, May 18th

I am taking a crack at a new style here today, my random thoughts. However, this will be different than my past ramblings; this will be my random thoughts, as they play out in my brain, over the next three hours. The Cubs are about to take on the Washington Nationals at Wrigley Field, and HE is back. I will have 9 sections below detailing my random thoughts and feelings over nine full innings of baseball. So without further ado, he we go.

First Inning
– Kerry Wood is walking to the mound at Wrigley; I cannot even tell you how excited I am!
– Alfonso Soriano STRIKES OUT! He’s back!
– Another strikeout, WORLD SERIES baby! Ok, sorry, I tend to get ahead of myself every now and again.
(For those who can watch the games, does anyone else get sick of the same car commercials game after game, I don’t care what Dusty drives, I am not buying a Chevy truck!)
– Neifi Perez is batting 6th, WHAT THE…?
– Ortiz has a 6.30 ERA with no Wins; let’s not make him look like a Cy Young winner.
– Murton just showed bunt, I know he is slumping, but come on Matt.
– Maddux and Buehrle are pitching tomorrow, the game should take about 72 minutes (remember last year when Buehrle insinuated that Maddux cheated?)
– Len just mentioned that Bynum’s homerun last night was the first Cubs’ homerun in a week, yea that could be a problem.

Second Inning
(those Bud Light commercials are pretty funny, like the married guy who goes to the speed dating thing just for the free beer, makes me laugh every time)
– Well, Zimmerman just cooked a fastball into the left field bleachers, back to reality, what did I say about getting ahead of myself?
– There is a wild pitch, the more things change, the more they stay the same
– Man on third, two outs, we know the old Kerry, what will the new Kerry do?
– 3-0 Nationals, at least Neifi is up next inning
on to the bottom of the second
– Again, not signing Furcal was a blessing in disguise, Cedeno will be a stud

Third Inning
(I am having my condo painted right now, and the fumes are getting pretty strong, so if I stop making sense at any point, I am probably buzzing something fierce….)
– Third Homerun, 4-0, oh where have you gone Angel Guzman?
– He is just getting hammered right now, all fastballs right down the middle
– I do not see us scoring four runs
– Strike ’em out and throw ’em out….
On to the bottom of the third….

I had to step out, but it is now the top of the fourth with one out, I OBVIOUSLY did not miss any offense

Fourth Inning
– Woody just threw a strong 94 mph fastball for a strikeout, he just isn’t locating, the slider is breaking, the fastball is strong, but the location is right down the middle
On to the bottom of the fourth
(does anyone ever pay attention to the MLB disclaimers, you know the whole, you cannot distribute, sell, yada, yada yada….)
(The Jimmy Fallon and Parker Posey Pepsi commercial just made me throw up in my mouth a little)
– The DANGEROUS Neifi Perez just lined a ball that handcuffed the SS, men on first and second, only 1 out and John Mabry is up, as Harry used to say, He is DUE. Okay, I will say it; I would rather have Freddie Bynum out there instead of Neifi.
– Well Harry was rarely right, it is up to Cedeno
(I can’t get the phrase ‘Parker Posey Pepsi’ out of my head)

Fifth Inning
– Kerry just broke out the ‘hook,’ and it was beautiful….I am just trying to find the positives right no, another hook, strike 3, he looks like he is settling in, though it is a little too late for today’s game.
Onto the bottom half
(I cannot believe Clint Eastwood AND Terri Hatcher are in a Southwest Airlines commercial)
– Ortiz just made Theriot look awful, I think he misses Des Moines, but he definitely has a promising future.

Sixth Inning
(speaking of Southwest, they do have some great prices….and I love the fact that Professor Laskey from Saved By the Bell: The College Years is now the Hyundai spokesman, my buddies and I cannot get enough of that)
– Fourth homerun, Will Ohman looks nothing like he did last year, okay, no way we are going to score at least five runs
– I am getting sleepy, very heavy eyes
Another chance to not score any runs, on to the bottom of the sixth
(The hit teen movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” is on HBO right now and I am stuck here watching the Flubs, but please, don’t feel bad for me, still beats working.)
(For the LAST time, I am not buying a Chevy truck, the only way I would is if they actually gave me Ron Santo with my purchase.)

– JJ is really heating up; batting over .300 in May, just give the man a little time.
– Hey, hey, Neifi with an RBI single! I told you he is invaluable to this team!
– Bases loaded, no outs, RC time! By the way, I really like RC cola.
– Sac fly by Cedeno and A-RAM is coming to the plate, he is the tying run.
– Another RBI for A-Ram, thankfully he appears to be okay
– Pierre just grounded into a double play; there is nothing that Dusty can do about that.

Seventh Inning
– Damian Jackson was slumping coming into the game, and he is 2-3, with a homer and a double….I could write a book about how often this type of thing happens to the Cubs, don’t get me started on Chris Capuano.
– Novoa looked real good there, he is like two different pitchers ever time he goes out there, any kind of consistency here and he would be a large part of that bullpen.
On to the bottom half, Jackie Robinson’s daughter Sharon sang the stretch
– Mark Grace just singled to right, sorry that was Matt Murton.
– Todd Walker needs to move somewhere else in the lineup, put A-Ram in the third hole, move Walker back to second.
– JJ just got me a little too excited there…,two on, two out, superstar Neifi Perez at the plate, and he pops out in foul territory.

Eighth Inning
(For those of you that did not know, the 2006 Honda Accord is re-styled and re-imagined)
– Scott Eyre is on the mound and I am tiring, please remind me to go back to my other way of incessant rambling next time.
– Scott Eyre is tiring as well, he cannot find the strike zone, 8 balls in his last 9 pitches
On to the bottom half
– Bynum lines a single up the middle and steals second, he seems to finally be getting comfortable
– Pierre just had a HUGE at bat, but again, he struck out

Ninth Inning
– Pretty routine one, two, three inning for Bobby Howry
Bottom half
– Let’s GO CUBS, three runs kids, three runs
– Murton stikes out looking on a questionable call
– NICE, TW’s rips a double to right
– Let’s go Barrett!
– OH, Barrett just flied out to the warning track, almost, come on JJ.
– JJ walks, and again, it is up to Neifi.
– Game over, Neifi tries to reach on a bunt with two outs, that makes sense

Well, two out of three, baby steps!

Stay Classy Cub Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." – Arthur Ashe