The Cubs Do The Rain Dance at The Jake

Game Seventy-One – Cubs 9 Indians 2 in 7 innings

wflag.jpg With the Cubs barley hanging on to 5th place in the National League Central, getting a win tonight would be a very saving of face move. There are many of us out there that might think the Cubs still have a shot. They can get back in this thing….right? If you think that is the case then you also believe the Pirates have a shot. Now ask yourself that question, do the Pirates have a shot at the Wild Card? C’mon, you know just as well as I do that is not going to happen. I know the Cubs are playing the Indians tonight, not the Pirates. But I took one look at the standings before I began to type this article and felt somewhat sick. Then I looked at the scoreboard and realized that Pittsburgh was beating the Kansas City Royals in the 6th 4 to zilch. And right there it hit me, we have to win tonight, because the Pittsburgh Pirates are right on our heels. Maybe if someone tells the boys in blue that they are incredibly close to being the last place team in the Central….behind the Pirates, they might, might Emril this season and kick it up a couple of notches. Do I still think this team can turn it around and give us something to root for come late summer? I do, but I am a Cubs fan and that’s how I, we think. We are not out of it until mathematically eliminated, right….right? Wake up! Keep dreaming! You’re wasting your time! Change the channel. The games over can we listen to something else? Sound familiar, it should if you are a part of the Cubs Faithful. And for those of you that are reading this, you are part of the faithful….kudos to you for finding the best Cubs site on the world wide web dial. Stick around we have a long way to go, a long way to go. Oh and the Cubs took on the Tribe tonight at The Jake, Carlos Zambrano was on the mound against the enormous lefty C.C. Sabathia. On to the game.

The Cubs got started early tonight with one out in the first inning, Neifi doubled off the wall in left. Aramis came up big with a single to left and Neifi scored; Nefi hesitated before heading home but still scored easily. Nevin flied out to left, Murton showed patience at the plate and walked on a full count and with runners on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs, Jacque Jones struck out. Cubs 1 Tribe 0. The Cubs let the Indians tie it up just as quick, as the big Z got off to a slow start. Z walked the first two batters he faced. But Z got Peralta to ground in to a double playing and he left Grady Sizemore on 3rd….the lone duck on the pond after two walks and with Travis Hafner at the plate anything can happen. But the usual smash to the third deck was not in the cards. Hafner went with an infield single that scored Sizemore. Cubs 1 Tribe 1. Broussard filed out to Juan Pierre to end the inning.

The top half and bottom half of the second came and went, with two top hurlers on the mound, this is how the game was supposed to go. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell C.C. and the tribe defense, because the drum was about to stop beating in the top of the 3rd inning. Neifi started the inning with a single to center, Aramis followed suit and singled to center and Neifi advanced to 3rd. This is where things got a little weird. Nevin hit a lazy grounder to Broussard who immediately threw home….except no one was going home….bases loaded no outs. Murton came to the plate and hit a routine grounder to Belliard at 2nd, and he had no idea what to do with the ball. He thought about throwing home, but didn’t, thought about throwing to 3rd but didn’t and finally decided to keep the ball in his glove. Neifi scored, Aramis to 3rd, Nevin to 2nd and Murton was safe at 1st. JJ singled to center, Aramis scored, and the bases were still loaded for Cedeno. Ronny flied out to left center, the Tribe recorded the 1st out of the inning. Todd Walker, walked on four pitches everyone advanced and Nevin scored. Hot hitting Hank White singled to center, everyone moved up one and Murton scored. Pierre decided that hitting singles is fun and he ripped a single to left and JJ scored. And C.C. has left the building….the Indians went to the bullpen for a rookie making his Major League debut Edward Mujica. Mujica came into the game with the bases loaded and one out. Neifi stepped to the plate for the second time in the inning, hit a double to right that scored Walker and Hank. With Pierre at third, do you think Chris Speier just had the same conversation over and over? Aramis hit a sacrifice fly to center and JP scored. And finally Nevin struck out to end the inning. WOW!!!! The Cubs scored 8 runs in one inning. I think there might have been a time this season when the Cubs didn’t score 8 runs in a series. Cubs 9 Tribe 1. Henry Blanco extended his hit streak to nine games and Phil Nevin was the only starter to not record a hit on Wednesday night, as a team they totaled 13.

Zambrano just shut down the Indians until the 6th, the Tribe scored with Hafner on second Broussard doubled to left and Hafner scored. Cubs 9 Tribe 2.

The Cubs took their cuts in the 7th; Will Ohman came in on relief for Z and faced one batte.. Then came the rain, and the game was called early. I can guarantee that if this game was closer we would be have waited throughout the night for the rain to stop. But with the Cubs scored early and often, they saved the pen and went home early. Cubs win and take the series. On to the Twinkies, I don’t know about you but I am more of a Little Debbie kinda guy.

PS….KC came back and beat the Pirates 6-4 C’mon boys we got em’ by 2.5.

Until Next time….but always GO CUBBIES!!!!!

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne