You Gave Up

You gave up, didn’t you? Just at the point you thought there was a semblance of a season left, you gave up. We took three in a row from the Reds and you were all, “this is good, we are going somewhere.” Then, well then the Cubs lost six in a row and it was over. We started talking about 2007 and beyond, who would be here, who would not, what would it cost, so forth and so on. You were mad, angry, upset, frustrated and basically extremely disappointed. So was I. So am I. However….

Life is life, things are things, people are people and the Cubs are the Cubs. Milli Vanilli would want you to ‘Blame it on the Rain.’ Well at least we know the Cubs are lip syncing this season, unfortunately. They are who they are, and as the saying goes, it is what it is. I have a different viewpoint. Now I know everyone will sit here and tell me I am wrong and that is fine. But, I am not. Did anyone catch the Cardinals last two games? Did anyone see ‘The Rocket’ pitch lately? I attended the Brewers/Tigers game Tuesday night in Milwaukee and watched the ‘Brew-Crew’ get hammered 10-1. There is no team in this division that scares me, still. There are still 87 games left this season and we are not done yet. Kid K may be gone, Prior may be done, but who knows, stranger things have happened.

The thing is that the NL is not very tough right now. Outside of the Mets, no one is running away from anything, heck if the Marlins can win 9 in a row, why not us, why not now? I am sure plenty of you are giving reasons in your head why we won’t, but so be it. I always asked you to wait until the All-Star break. We are still three weeks away, so calm down a little. The Cubs scored a lot of run this week, and Wednesday night they scored 9 runs off of an All-Star pitcher. The team has the capability, now it is time to see what Dusty is really made of, if anything? By July 22nd, just under a month from today, you will know, but I implore you to wait the month.

Complain, argue, moan or go nuts, whatever helps, but the Cubs are only 10 games out of the wild card, that is five games. Take three of the ridiculous finishes in May and the Cubs are only four games out of the Wild Card. That is a FACT! Only three different finishes, that is all. Think about that, THREE games, and we are still in it. So take that attitude forward, think about that, just three games. Out of 87 remaining games, three seems like a miniscule number, and guess what, it is!

Derrek Lee will be back soon, Neifi remembered how to play baseball, Glooroo is on the DL, we have everything going for us! I do not have enough time to sit here and show you how many teams overcame a deficit like this, but when Oakland was 12 games below .500 in 2002, no one ever thought that Jeter would have made ‘that play’ at home against Jeremy Giambi in those playoffs. So here is what I have to say, “Back Off” I begged you all to wait until the All-Star break, so just do so, please.

In closing, I have wanted to write this team off for the last month, but I just cannot. The teams in front of us have not given me reason to do so, and until they do, I am standing up proud, with my aforementioned Cubs visor and clapping like crazy. I am not saying it will happen, I am not saying it is likely to happen, I am just saying it could happen. If this Cubs team pulls off the miracle, there will be no need to “Blame it on the Rain”, instead they will have been as cool as “Ice, Ice Baby”.

Thanks for reading, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] and until next time….

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!!

Quote of the Day

"There are places I remember. All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments ... " John Lennon/Paul McCartney