Just What The Good Doctor Ordered

I am NOT seeing Red, thank God! I could not take it any more, no more losses, and you know what, we won a series. The Chicago Cubs actually won a series. The Chicago Cubs won two games in a row. The Cubs are hitting the ball, they are scoring runs, they won a few games. I almost forgot what it was like to watch winning baseball.

Wednesday morning I went to grab a bagel down the street and I saw Todd Walker at the same establishment. I left him alone to read his paper and have breakfast, but I got to thinking, where would this team be without TW’s? People have been ripping into Hendry, but at least he held onto to Todd or thankfully he failed at trading him, but either way, it was a blessing. Monday Walker stroked a beautiful homerun to right-center and has been finding the openings. Before Wednesday night’s game, Walker was batting .317, and hit in four different places in the order, all while playing two different positions. Hands down, Todd Walker is the Cubs MVP. He is the ultimate team player, a great teammate, and a grinder. He does anything he is asked to, there are many a player in pro sports who could learn a thing or two.

When I attended the Cubs convention in January, Todd Walker was on the minds of many fans. During the “Ask the GM and Manager” panel, three different fans brought up Walker and the trade rumors. While Hendry and Dusty avoided directly answering these questions, they told us not to worry. Again, Thank GOD he did not leave. Ask yourself where this team would be without Todd Walker? Imagine 8 weeks with John Mabry playing first and the two headed monster of Neifi and Hairston at second for that same period of time. (I just read that Hairston was dealt for Phil Nevin, you have no idea how happy I am). This team would be in an even deeper hole.

I come on to this website everyday and read the thoughts of many people. I understand why people are upset, but I just wanted to offer my thoughts. While I am as upset as most, I also try to find the positives sometimes. We have had 6 weeks to vent, point fingers and get angry, but it is time to stop. Sure Tony Womack and Phil Nevin are not Miguel Tejada or Rafael Furcal. This is more of a stop gap than a solution, but sometimes selling the farm for everything does not work out, see Dontrelle Willis.

I ask everyone reading to give the boys until the All-Star break. I think that is fair. Let us see where we are then. If we are still 10 games under we can start point fingers and trying to figure out what we can get for Prior and Wood. Until then, look for something good, something positive. Feel free to post about one thing that has surprised you, in a good way. Come on, there has to be something, you could not have expected this out of RC Cola, right? (that is my nickname for Cedeno) So I ask you to think in a different manner today, look for the ray of sun on a cloudy day.

The Cubs lost last night, Wednesday night, and that is the way it is. Murton doubled, Jones hit one out to left center and we went nuts. I ran up to Shaun’s seats at the beginning of the eighth and told him the Cubs would win. As he said, “I thought you were Nostradamus.” Well maybe not, but close, we have a good month to wait until I tell you all, “I told you so.” So just wait, wait until the All-Star game, and that point, maybe you will be right, but maybe I will be right, you have no idea. So, please stop pointing fingers, and please look for some positive, you never know, but until then, I will talk to you in October.

I for one, as mentioned above, cannot believe TW has been this good this year and he never stops. While some may contend a few players have thrown in the towel, Todd Walker has not and will not. He is the heart of this team right now and puts it all out there on the field every game. Did any of you think that he was actually going to come out of the game on Monday? So while the team makes an attempt to pull a 180 and put to rest the painful memories of June swoons in the past, I will continue to thank TW for what he does for the team. And I have one more question, this one directed to the owner and manager of this fine website:

Neil, how would you like your crow, warm, cold, salted? Just let me know!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected], and until next time….

Stay Classy Cub Fans!

Quote of the Day

"You can’t sit on a lead and kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game." - Earl Weaver