Ramblings from Mid-May

It is that time of the month again, time for another edition of my ramblings, and for some of you, get your head out of the gutter. Moving on, it has been an extremely tough month and I am here to share some of my random thoughts from the past few weeks, so read it quickly and get ready to watch the our beloved Northsiders sweep the Joan Cusack Sox. And without further ado, on to my ramblings….

– Okay, so maybe I was wrong, maybe the D-Lee injury was a very bad thing

– Speaking of, can one player make THAT much of a difference

– So what kind of deal did Neifi make with Dusty, there has to be something right?

– Remember when we used to get upset that the only way the Cubs could score a run was with homers, I miss those days, I miss them a lot

– I do not care how anyone personally feels, but it is a joke that Barry Bonds does not run out pop-ups or trots down the line after a ground ball

– Watching Mr. Bonds play left field last week was fun, oh there he goes gingerly trotting and falling over the fence, good stuff

– I am still surprised that nothing has been done about first base

– How much longer will they keep Walker in the third whole, he is a great hitter, but a great number 2 hitter

– The Padres were not hot, they were just playing the Cubs seven out of ten times, we made their pitching staff look awesome

– We lost 9-0 TWICE during the losing streak

– Juan Pierre should start doing 40 pushups every time he flies out to left (note that is not my original idea, but one of my buddy’s)

– The Mabry thing is not really working, I want to see them give Micah Hoffpauir a look, he already has 10 homeruns for West Tenn. in AA (Note he was moved to Iowa on Thursday)

– A-Ram needs to be up around .300 by the middle of June for this team to have a chance during the second half

– The intoxicated ‘person’ who threw the baseball at JJ from the bleachers the other night did not get arrested, it was not even a big national story, would this have been the same if it was a man….you know what I think

– I forgot to add the Pierre should do 20 sit-ups every time he strikes out as well, he is nothing like his former self at this time and you CANNOT blame Hendry for that

– Is anyone else angry that they gave Mabry #17, that is all Mark Grace, and should not change

– Wood did not look great, but I am definitely encouraged

– Where is Mark Prior, I thought it was just a twinge?

– Did anyone know that Bobby Howry won a National Junior College Championship, pretty cool

– Scott Eyre has really impressed me

– On the other hand Will Ohman, what happened?

– And then there is Roberto Novoa, he is a total crapshoot, it could be a six run inning or three straight strikeouts, this has to be frustrating for Dusty

– I cannot say enough about Ronny Cedeno, he has blown away my expectations

– Len Kasper makes me laugh, sometimes it is because the joke is so bad, but so be it, he is entertaining and Brenly is really growing on me, he is like a different person

– I may be deflated, and I may be down, but I am NOT out, it is not over yet

Go Cubs, let’s take ALL three at the Joan this weekend. It is time to stop all that believing on the Southside!

Thanks for reading, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] and as always….

Stay Classy Cub Fans!

Quote of the Day

"When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all." – Theodore Roosevelt